April 2017: A to Z Theme Reveal

I signed up for the April A to Z Challenge.  Yeah, I know, clearly I was not in my right mind. It’s done now so here we go.

In 2014 I participated and survived posting my way through the alphabet and felt a mild exhilaration when putting the final touches to that year’s A-Z Reflection post.   It was a blast and the afterglow lasted a while.   Having a theme on which to hang the month’s posts was helpful and singularly the most important element to finding my way to the finishing line.

On the back of that experience I am looking to follow a theme again but when I started to fill the editorial calendar I realised a lot of what I wanted to say has already been said, here – by me.

It made me understand the important role values have in the everyday choices I make.  On the basis of that I decided to use this challenge to explore those values.  There it is, an entire month to discuss a range of values that drive the decisions I, and others, make to live the lives we ascribe to.  Posts will vary in length from short to shorter, other posts will be dedicated to activities that add value to the journey and thirdly there will be some short photo-journal posts that illustrate what I’m trying to convey – a picture tells a thousand words, huh.

The challenge requires that we post Mondays through Saturdays. Sundays we read and comment on other bloggers’ contributions.  I cannot find the elaborate plan that was to have kept me on track during April but not to worry because I’m giving this my best shot. And because I plan to reach the finishing line here’s the plan… “so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel“.

  1. Use an editorial calendar and blog planner (and stick to the plan)
  2. Shorter posts:  the shorter the posts the easier it will be to get around and visit other bloggers’ work; also less time to put a post together (a challenge on its own)
  3. Set aside writing days and schedule posts ahead (another challenge)

Yep, April is going to be hectic around here but then that’s how most of us live our lives nowadays.  If you would like to participate head over to April A to Z Challenge and check it out.

16 thoughts on “April 2017: A to Z Theme Reveal

    • Thanx for stopping by and stopping to comment. I find my values have changed over the years so whatever comes up in April will be a different take on the values’ theme. :)Linda


  1. Sounds great, Linda & I look forward to following you as you traverse the alphabet via values.
    I intended to participate this year and have a theme plus 9 posts written. However, I have gone into them more deeply than I thought I would, and I don’t have the time or energy to carry them all through. I will do my best to get them all done for next year’s A to Z.
    Good luck with your. 🙂

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