11. Weekend Coffee Catchup

We won’t waste time with why I’ve been MIA (Missing in Action) since June last year. I’ll say COVID and you’ll understand.

Colour on the Narrawallee Creak Reserve Track

No coffee, liquorice, chocolate, home baking or Monte Carlo biscuits today. It’s home made bone broth for me and you have a selection of coffee brewed whichever way, tea, or hot chocolate from the pantry; please help yourself.  How has your week been? I’m guessing so much of the same has happened for you as me but we are living in a different world than that we knew three years ago.

Before we continued I’d like to give a shout-out to Natalie who hosts us each week, her blog has a link to others who do catch ups.

Yep, We’re in Lockdown … Again

If we were having coffee I’d tell you, our state of NSW (Australia) is in lockdown again with overnight cases at 1, 485 and 3 deaths. The Delta strain has targeted those under 40 which is where we’re seeing most deaths. We get daily updates on the number of new cases in the community, tests carried out in the last 24-hours, deaths (broken down by age group and whether vaccinated or not), and how the hospital system is coping. They anticipate a peak in case n umbers for the next few weeks and a hospitalisation surge anticipated mid-October. The goal is 70 – 80% of the state double-dose-vaccinated at which time those fully vaccinated “can start to enjoy more freedoms” than we’re living with now.

Sobering statistics but a reminder that we can each do our bit. Stay home, use the QR codes if you must go out and practice social distancing while all the time wearing masks (even if you can’t see where you’re going, what you’re buying or who you’re speaking to, because your lenses are fogged up).


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you we biked the Narrawallee Creek Reserve track and couldn’t believe the transformation. With rain the week before, there was a lot of water on the track that made for interesting, wet and wobbly crossings. The wildflowers, not evident previously, are now prolific and stunning. There were more people out yesterday enjoying the changed track conditions and the abundance of colour about.

Having completed the 9km track we continued to the lake entrance where it opens to the sea.  It’s beautiful, and today the tide was that far out the sand bars were evident.  For a reserve that is usually abuzz with walkers, fishermen, surfers and campers it was eerily still and peaceful.

Recent Reads

  • Prime Suspect – Lynda la Plante
  • A Face in the Crowd – Linda la Plante
  • Silent Victims – Linda la Plante
  • Clan of the Cave Bear – Jean Auel
  • The Mammoth Hunters – Jean Auel
  • The Midnight Library – Matt Haig
  • The Clifton Chronicles – Jeffrey Archer

Over the coffee/bone broth cups I’d tell you there are a few books in my reading stack, but I’ve started on the first in a series by Ryan Holliday’s The Obstacle is the Way. Less heady reading includes The Women of Chateau Lafayette by Stephanie Dray, I’ve continued with the Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer and recently started the fifth in the series Cometh the Hour, and the final item on the list is Your Own Kind of Girl by Clare Bowditch.

What’s your reading stack look like?


If we were having coffee, I’d ask how you felt about the 20 years two nations spent in Afghanistan only to release it to the Taliban. I’m still reeling from the loss of life on both sides of the fight. And we won’t talk about China because that too is everywhere you look, although there aren’t too many people offering a way forward. It seems our pollies are buried in COVID which at least, has given us a reprieve from the inane in-and-cross-party bickering – that has to be a good thing.

Track through Bush and Natural Coastal Forest

Advice from 1949

1949 Singer Sewing Machine
Manufacturer’s Manual


  • That we both have a good quality of life
  • There is always something to do at home
  • The garden
  • Our local timber, hardware and gardening store
  • TV shows
  • Books
  • Being able to get out in such a beautiful part of Australia
  • Living in a Village surrounded by those who care for each other

The rest of my week went well. How are you doing?

Take care

Linda x


15 thoughts on “11. Weekend Coffee Catchup

  1. Awesome photos Linda. What a gorgeous area of Oz. We do intend to visit when things eventually free up. What a magical place. Any spot with natural beauty sits near the top of my travel list.



  2. Your photos are beautiful. I just started two new books; Malibu Rising which is for a book club and The Wife Between us which I got in a book box subscription. I love seeing what everyone is reading.


  3. Hi Linda, I’m Natalie who’s hosting the weekly Weekend Coffee Share link-up. Nice to meet you virtually and welcome back to Weekend Coffee Share. Love your updates and photos. I enjoy cycling, gardening and reading, too. I just finished ‘Peace by Chocolate’, a true story of a Syrian refugee family who settled in Antigonish, a small town in Canada. I have ‘The Midnight Library’ on my e-reader. Thank you for linking up. Have a great week!
    P.S. You may want to update the ‘Natalie’ link to my most recent (September 3) Weekend Coffee Share post so other readers can see it as a ping back in my Comments section.


  4. Lovely to have an update from you and get to enjoy your beautiful photography. Glad y’all are well and holding up despite the covid😘🥰Shari xo


  5. Hi Linda, I’m glad to see you can focus on some good things despite the Covid horrors going on (or ”the microbe that shall not be named” as I saw someone write yesterday, I loved that!).
    That forest looks stunning with those purple flowers! Especially the last photograph is lovely! Is it spring over there now?


    • Hi Susanne, it was so gorgeous riding through the bush and quiet too. Spring about to push through for real in the next few weeks, it’s just starting now with increased temperatures and sunshine makes everything feel more doable. x


  6. Good to have you back! I’m doing fine with similar concerns as you–covid, the Afghanistan war, hurricanes on our east coast, and fires on our west coast. Some days the news is too brutal to watch. I’ve just read Caste by Isabel Wilkerson, a sobering look at our country’s history and treatment of people of color. And The Premonition by Michael Lewis, a look at scientists and public health folks behind the scenes in the US during this virus. Neither book was uplifting but stuff important to know here.


    • Hi Lois, thank you for stopping by to read and comment, it is nice to be back. I’m too far behind to ever catch up with my Reader feed so will start now and move forward. Thought I’d start slow and set weekly goals of reading and commenting more than previously. Having been a health professional (I hope I’m remembering correctly), I can understand your interest in The Premonition and I feel it is good to read those sobering reflections of our infamous “colonial behaviours” of times gone by, although sometimes I do wonder whether we’ve evolved that much seeing some of the things going down on our TV. x

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