Theme Reveal: A-Z Blogging Challenge

At the last check the blogroll was up to 318 participants in this year’s A-Z Blogging Challenge. Remember sign up continues until the first week in April so many more will join before kick off 1st April. This has been an annual April event started in 2010 which means this is the tenth anniversary. Impressive.

I haven’t participated for a couple of years now because I’ve been too busy but this year I’m a little more organised (bwa-ha-ha) and have a little more time. Plus, it will be a good distraction as we make our way first north and then west towards our new home. We take possession early May.

So, I’m posting today to reveal my theme. This year, I will once again be blogging about one of my favourite activities when I take you with me as we continue our Big Fat Aussie Road Trip. We have been on the road nine months and join other retirees who travel the highways and byways of this great land in their caravans.

Having packed my “proper” camera (Canon DSLR) into storage (complete brain fade) the photos have been taken with my smartphone – an HTC Desire Pro 10 (20MP camera) – which I love.

To get something posted 6/7 days each week during April, posts will be short with photos: perhaps an intro to the place followed by a selection of favourite photos of that campsite or town. Because we can’t travel the country in alphabetical order – how bizarre – posts will be dated appropriately when we spent time in those towns. It may be disjointed if you’re trying to make sense of chronology but I’m going with the flow of the alphabet.

You can appreciate internet coverage is not always reliable in the more remote areas – we use mobile data – in which case posts may be delayed until we have coverage.

I hope you’ll join me on this venture and if the idea gels with you consider joining up here … there’s still time.

23 thoughts on “Theme Reveal: A-Z Blogging Challenge

    • Thanx Marty, hoping I can pull it off again. It can take you away from focusing on what’s happening around you as the month is consumed with finding content, editing photos, and visiting other participants. Thanx again for the encouragement. Linda

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    • It is an adventure with it’s ups and downs as you can imagine which makes it an interesting life. We’ve been on the road nine months now as we wait to move into our new home early May. Thank you for the visit and comment. I popped over to visit with you today and now follow you so I can journey alongside you during the A-Z Challenge in April. Linda x

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    • I have blogged between this and my previous involvement with the A-Z Challenge but recently the posts are getting further and further apart. Embarking on this challenge is in the hope to get my mojo back. Happy blogging and thanx for the visit and stopping to comment. Linda


  1. I look forward to your travels this month. I too am returning to the Challenge after a couple of years away. Sounds as if you’re pretty organized! Thanks for visiting my blog; I have hardly been writing in the past year, so it’s encouraging to have visitors. See you in April! J


  2. Your theme sounds fun and I get to travel with you from the comfort of my own home! I too feel I’m organised like you are (bwa ha ha ha) this year and am excited to start posting! Happy A to Z!

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    • It has been a great way to see this country which is incredibly vast with a diverse geography. Yes, lots of photos. Thanx for visiting and stopping to comment. Happy blogging 🙂 Linda


    • It was a hurried decision to participate again this year after a few years’ break. However, once committed I’m trying to get as much done beforehand as possible. I think taking small steps is key to the preparation. Thank you for the visit and stopping to comment. I’m popping over now to visit you back 🙂

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