April A – Z Challenge: Theme Reveal: Oh the Places You’ll Go …

Theme RevealLinda Stewart

Last week participating bloggers in April’s A – Z Challenge were to post about what they will be blogging about during the month.  If bloggers had no particular theme and would be randomly posting through the alphabet they could have revealed that too – last week.  QP missed the deadline but never let it be said that I’m embarrassed by having forgotten.  After all what’s a week between blogging friends.  Meh, I didn’t think you’d mind.

By the end of April last year I was amazed I made it to the finishing line with my sanity in tact (… the MOTH says not).  I blogged about Social Justice last year and there were a few hurdles.  In the words of Barry Manilow ‘we made it in the end” but not without some trepidation about ever doing it again.  However, it was like that transition stage of birth (men, skip to the next sentence) when you can’t figure out why you let yourself be talked into this mess.  But then comes the after glow of achievement as you reflect on whether or not the pain was worth it in the end.  Always, yes but it wasn’t something I planned to repeat.

When my friend over at WangiWriter (Hi, L) mentioned, some months ago, she was planning to participate this year I encouraged her to jump in but I would be on the sidelines cheering her on.

So what happened over the weekend?  The MOTH was right, I have lost my mind, I signed up – again.

I hope you’ll join me in April, posting six days a week (Sundays off) about the things I have seen and the places I’ve been in and around Turkey, New Zealand, Tasmania and Australia.  There will also be one or two random posts that have absolutely nothing to do with travel destinations because, w-e-l-l  just because.

How about you?  What will you be blogging about in April?  If you have nothing planned (as if) you could join a whole crowd of us as we journey through the alphabet.  The experience exposes you to different bloggers and their writing styles and blog contents.  If you’re even tempted here’s the link:  A – Z Blogging Challenge.  Go check it out.


5 thoughts on “April A – Z Challenge: Theme Reveal: Oh the Places You’ll Go …

  1. I am glad you are doing the Challenge again this year. 🙂
    I had all my blog titles sorted out in January for the A to Z, but with a lot of things on my plate at present, last week I reluctantly decided I wouldn’t be able to do them as they take a bit of research and I haven’t done it!
    Now I’m not sure what to do. Perhaps I will do random topics, and make my Monday Memoir entries fit in for that day. Mmmm….


    • Aw Linda, I am sorry to hear that and understand how much research goes into a set of themed posts. It is hard work. However, I do like that you’re still thinking of participating and I hope you do. I think random topics take the pressure off. Another strategy is to post short pieces and use photos.

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        • Whoo hoo! Go you, well done. I am behind with visiting my blog roll and have a number of posts to catch up on other bloggers’ sites. Hoping to get there this weekend but I will be looking out for yours in my reader tomorrow. This is very exciting and congratulations on being able to pull it together … surely cause for a coffee celebration. you about over the weekend? 🙂

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