Weekly Photo Challenge: ATOP

The wedding, our son’s.  The month, February. The year, 2016.  The venue, Eureka Tower.  The views, stunning.  The ceremony, beautiful.  The company, excellent.  The food, incredible.

ATOP Melbourne from Eureka Towers(R)

The Eureka Tower is a residential tower block complex  in the South Bank suburb of Port Philip, Melbourne, Australia. The tower is named after the Eureka Stockade rebellion during the 1854 Victoria gold rush (the building crown is gold coloured with a red stripe representing the gold and the bloodshed).

ATOP Eureka Tower(R)

The Eureka Tower is built on reclaimed swampland and required special foundations to reflect this.  Of the ninety-one floors, eighty-four are apartments.  The wedding and after ceremony was held at the Eureka 89 – the 89th floor of the tower block.  The panoramic 360 views over the city were breathtaking.  We watched the landscape change colour as the day moved from late afternoon, into dusk and twilight and finally the magnificent nightscapes.


Weekly Photo Challenge:  ATOP


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