Weekend Coffee Catch Up #12

Hello and welcome to coffee, G & T, cuppa tea or hot cocoa. I’m having a G & T and happy to share along with you what’s been happening in my week. Before we crack on with our week’s let me say that once again I’m joining others to share our week on Natalie’s blog hop;  you can find others on the link on Natalie’s blog.

We’re back on the road in our New Age caravan, towed by Old Faithful – Holden Colorado. We have our e-bikes on board and three weeks in which to follow tumbleweeds, gather memories and revisit some of our favourite camping haunts and discover new sites.

Our favourite camping spot: a free 72-hour stop on the shores of Lake Wyngan, NSW, Australia.

We have travelled a grand total of 480km since we left home 10 days ago. So you can tell, we aren’t in any hurry to get from A to B, rather enjoying where we are each evening. When you rediscover sites previously visited and remember what it is about them you loved, it’s easy to be still, relax and enjoy the solitude of being the only campers in however many hectacres the camp area covers.

View over the town of Griffiths from the Hermit’s Cave

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about our big bike ride yesterday when we cycled into the town of Griffiths from our campsite at the lake. The breeze helped keep us cool in what could have been an uncomfortable ride in 35C. Griffiths, a town with 27, 000 people, has a strong Italian heritage reflected in the patisseries, pizza and pasta restaurants and of course cafes serving pastries and coffee Italian style.

Before cycling home again on the new cycle and walkway from town to lake, we spent some happy hours at the swim centre that was not crowded, surprising given the heat.

Over the coffee cups, I’d tell you of the Hermit Cave we visited this morning. The story goes Valeri Ricotti, a disillusioned Itakian immigrant, found the caves set on a sandstone outcrop above the town, where he spent fifteen years as a recluse.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that tonight we’re camped at the Barellan Showgrounds along with a group of Clydesdale horses. They’re tame enough to approach hoping for a carrot or apple. Unfortunately, we had neither to offer but they posed anyway.

Before he realises there is no apple or carrot

We move on tomorrow headed towards the next small town in the lush area of the Riverina. Beyond that who knows but one thing I can say: It’s a great life and things don’t get much better than having the freedom to roam such a beautiful country.

Carrot and Apple disappointment
Barellan Showgrounds camping with the Clydesdales

It’s been a long time since we sat together but today I’d tell you that a couple of months ago we placed our house on the market; now have an offer to purchase. The decision to sell and move was tinged with regrets that we have to leave what was once such a place of happiness and joy. It’s taken a while but we have come to terms that this was perhaps a stepping stone. We are now excited about the next adventure and looking forward to being on the road again.

How has your week been, or I should probably ask how the past six months have been for you since we last caught up over the coffee cups?

9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Catch Up #12

  1. I enjoyed your update. That cave and story sounds interesting. I LOVE horses and Clydesdales are so stunning. I would have loved to have been there with my camera. Here’s to great new adventures!


    • Thanx for the good wishes and we had good news today, so yes we’re on the move again come 20th April, exciting times ahead. We’re heading into Autumn with its beautiful colours and a we’re inland it is still warm enough for all our outfit activities. Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons.

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  2. So lovely to read of your relaxing time out, to clear the heads, and enjoy the beauty. We so look forward to that coffee with you.
    Speaking of coffee, I think we have found the best coffee in the Mission Beach area. Loving our time here, and looking more and more like a place to call home, but want to give it a few months yet.
    Keep us posted with your travels, and the happenings at the Lake. P&G

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    • Hi P&G, lovely to hear from you too. Pleased you’ve found a place at which to enjoy great coffee and introduce us to when we head up your way; hopefully not too far away now. Yes, it’s lovely to be on the road again and revisit places we’ve enjoyed previously. Take care of yourselves Linda x


  3. Hi QP (you’re going to have to tell me (us?) how you like to be addressed by friends or you’ll be stuck with QP 🙂
    Anyway, loved your post, photos and angst about selling the home and taking that next step. We’re not far behind you in this and still trying to wrap our brains around the idea.
    BTW – before I forget – your “About” page is broken. When I clicked on it – I got the opps – page not found error.
    You might want to fix that


    • Hi Gary Thanx for the visit and stooping long enough to comment. And tab you for the heads up about the broken About page, I need to sort that. With the next step processes, we found it was just that, allowing ourselves to understand the why and then being still to let the way forward unfold. You’ll get there at the right time, in a way unique to you. Linda


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