Sandstone Caves

Along the Newell Highway, partway between Narrabri and Baradine is an unmarked turnoff to the much-guarded, and spectacular, sandstone caves set in the Pillage Nature Reserve. Unmarked by request of the Gamilaroi people of New South Wales, custodians of the land, who are proud of their cultural heritage of which the caves were once an integral part.

The fencing is to protect stone grindings and Aboriginal markings and rock art
Rock formation and mineral deposits
Part of the cave floor is a soft white sand, providing a comfortable defence lookout across the land beneath

The Reserve spans 85, 000 ha and part of the Pillaga Forest and the largest forest west of the (Australian) Great Dividing Range. With our backs to the caves, the lush landscape unfolds as far as the eye can stretch, the only sound in the noon-day heat are insects about their business. Temperatures were, again in the high 30Cs and we missed the planned early morning start so had to contend with the heat as we completed the 1.7km caves walking track.


This has been another entry in the 2021 A – Z Blogging Challenge during April. If you are visiting as a participant in the challenge please let me know so I can visit you too.

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