A Photo A Week: Beauty

Today’s post is my entry in the Photo A Week Challenge hosted by Nancy Merrill. The prompt is: Beauty

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo

Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bendigo is the largest cathedral outside Melbourne and the last Gothic style cathedral built in the world. Designed by W Tappin in 1887 work started nine years later but was finally completed in 2003 when the bell was finally added.

  • Total length: 75.68 metres
  • Width of nave and aisles: 21.34 metres
  • Height of ceiling of the nave: 24.08 metres
  • Height of main spire: 86.64 metres.
  • Height of front lantern towers: 40.53 metres
  • Total area within walls: 219.58 square metres.

The beauty of the cathedral is in its heritage and the care with which it has been maintained for the generations.

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