Queen of Parks

I wonder if there are parks in countries – other than those once colonised by England that have botanic gardens named for a queen? I’m thinking probably not but maybe to marka visit from her royal highness, be it either Victoria or Elizabeth. Mind you I’m not sure if world travel was a thing in Victoria’s time unless you were an explorer or pirate.

Australia has its share of beautiful gardens names for the reigning monarch and I’ve found a few we have visited as we’ve been on the this past year.

Queen’s Park, Toowoomba, Queensland

Queen’s Park, Maryborough, Queensland

Queen Elizabeth Oval, Bendigo, Victoria

Queen Park and Orchid House, Mackay, Queensland


Day Seventeen of the 2019 A-Z Challenge during the month of April. The challenge is to post six days a week, Sunday respite from writing or catching up with other participants and their posts. Each of the twenty-six days represents a letter of the alphabet and while each post stands alone they form part of a loose theme reflecting our retirement trip around Australia: Our Big Fat Aussie Road Trip.

3 thoughts on “Queen of Parks

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  2. The USA doesn’t have a monarchy legacy. A few good presidenrs’s names are for cities and streets. I plan to avoid anything named after this POTUS.

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