Streetscape is the term given to the collective appearance of all buildings, footpaths, gardens and landscaping along a street. We have tended to think of streets primarily as roadways for traffic rather than places where walking is pleasant and kids can play — but this is changing. The streetscape is the visual identity of a neighbourhood and plays an important role in facilitating interaction between residents and creating a community.

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Street lighting, make up of footpaths and pedestrian crossings, street trees and furniture, parks, roads, traffic signals, draining and traffic flow all make a streetscape.  Ideal town planning considers the resident population; age, mobility, ethnicity and the health of those residents.

Dandenong Library Square, Victoria

Streetscapes, suburban as well as urban are the community’s living area/space.  More recently public safety has been a factor considered in designing an environment in which the town’s people and visitors are free to move about without threat to personal safety.  Street video cameras are a normal part of streetscapes in our modern times as are emergency calling stations in parts of town with high nighttime foot and road traffic.

Mt. Morgan, Queensland

Beautified street medians are turned into parks and recreation places in some towns, like Mt Morgan in Queensland.  Thoughtful town planning promote sustainable communities that are healthy, functional and bring people into the town centre to help boost the economy.

Street median, Mt. Morgan, Queensland

Halls Gap street with The Grampians watching over the town, Victoria

Charters Towers, Queensland

Charters Towers celebrates its grand history through wonderfully preserved heritage buildings, pubs, museums and streetscapes, with not one traffic light in sight!

Streets large enough to turn your team of oxen and wagon about

Downtown Port Douglas, Queensland

funky street lamp townsville(r)-01-1570332123..jpg

Keeping “olde worlde”elements like street lamps preserve heritage and give citizens a sense of time and place of their home town.

street at townsville(r)-011055735011..jpg

Substation, Cairns, Queensland

Street art has the ability to totally transform the feel of a neighbourhood, making it seem so much more inviting; the normal grey of council substation dot many towns.  Cairns council has taken the opportunity to encourage artists to beautify the city and the substation now has a dual purpose: to relay power and beautify its corner of the city.  Everyone benefits!


Day Nineteen of the 2019 A-Z Challenge in which I am participating during the month of April. The challenge is to post six days a week, Sunday respite or catching up with other participants and their posts. Each of the twenty-six days represents a letter of the alphabet and while each post stands alone they form part of a loose theme reflecting our retirement trip around Australia. Today our posts are relevant to the letter S.

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