Contribution over Compensation

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Charlie Munger has a fantastic quote about money, privilege and impact:

“People should take way less than they’re worth when they are favored by life… I would argue that when you rise high enough in American business, you’ve got a moral duty to be underpaid—not to get all that you can, but to actually be underpaid.”
I am sickened by the bonus payments of CEO’s but here’s the thing, I am a cup half full kind of gal. Imagine if these takers woke up tomorrow and invested a small percentage of their bonus payments away from themselves? Imagine if they decided to contribute some of their bonus wealth.  But we have awakened into this utopian world where drinking water is available and jobs are waiting, medical services are accessible and affordable and did I mention education is free. Oh yes, their individually small contributions could change the face of the earth.
As miracles go this is pretty out there but I believe in the human endeavour.  I am a dreamer and can imagine a time when the monetarily wealthy will have an epiphany of giving away from themselves and into the need of others.  What if the contributions we made were greater than the compensation we received.

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5 thoughts on “Contribution over Compensation

  1. That would be great! I read an article recently (or was it short video?) that it’s not (only) about minimum pay – there also should be a maximum salary. It made me think coz totally, it makes sense at first sight!

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  2. Unfortunately, Linda, greed – for power and money – is much more likely than contribution to any cause. 😦 It appears that the wealthy & powerful don’t realise that if they spread it around a little, the whole of society would be better off and happier for it – including themselves.
    But there are none so blind as they who will not see. 😦

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  3. The interesting twist in life is that the more we give; the more that comes back to us. I remember a vicar’s wife I knew once said “cast your bread upon the waters and it will come back buttered” 🙂

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    • That is true isn’t it! The more we give away from ourselves the more we are blessed. The people I know who live this way don’t even realise they enrich those around them. They’re so humble.

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