Christmas Day: Hawks Nest: 2013

Charlie Brown ChristmasOvercast and drizzle for Christmas day. Still we prefer this to 42 degrees and sweltering. Woke late again, did prezzies and then went for a big bike ride, before the rain set in, along a track we hadn’t yet explored. We also caught up with our friends and their family who are doing a smaller Christmas this year.

Plans for a big Christmas lunch are on hold as the full cooked breakfast is still settling. Might be a bit of nap this afternoon after a light lunch and a Christmas read.

We do enjoy time with the family when possible, the contribution each family brings to the table as well as the catching up with relatives we haven’t seen in a while, because we live overseas. However, the quiet peacefulness of Christmas with just the two of us is a time to treasure and reflect on what it is all about; the gift of Christ to the world. Without the chaos and time in the kitchen toiling over a hot stove and oven preparing a big Christmas dinner the day stretches languidly in front of us as our biggest decision is what to eat and when.

Always when there are just the two of us it takes me back to when the children were at home especially when they were younger. Christmas morning was an early start with opening gifts and filling small bellies with a wholesome breakfast in an effort to protect them from low blood sugar. Once the children were fed and watered we could relax and the day took on a more leisurely pace as they played with their new toys.

Hope other bloggers are having a good day, if you celebrate Christmas, and that there are good memories to be treasured in the years ahead.



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