Big, Bold and Beautiful

a-to-z HEADER [2017] - april

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

(attributed to Goethe but not actually his)

Bold people make a commitment and stick to it.  Like Nike who took Goethe’s wisdom to another level with their Just Do It tag-line, it implies commitment, effort and tenacity.    In short being bold takes courage to work through the process and not know the outcome.  Sometimes we have to leap.

031217_0302_CatchUsCamp2.jpgWe admire bold people, they stand out in the crowd and often they’re leaders.  They have presence and know where they’re headed.  They’re people who have spent time looking inward.  They have discovered their why – it’s what makes them bold.  Each of us has the ability to be bold and courageous given the right set of circumstances.  What turns bold into brave is the beauty of courage.  I say beauty of courage because anyone can do it when life is on track.  The beauty of courage kicks in when life knocks us about and we feel more vulnerable than we’d like others to notice.

I notice those who live with boldness and beauty have qualities I admire and I include them here.

  1. They have self-awareness:  they are not limited by either their challenges or personality traits; they know when they’re playing outside their skill set and aren’t afraid to call in the experts; they know their WHY which gives them direction.
  2. They have a plan for action:  they have figured out their HOW.
  3. Their priorities are signposted by their values and beliefs:  they aren’t carried along by societal norms and have their own agenda; they are unaffected by the negative opinions of others.

Hot Air Balloon Basket (R)

When I know what I want and am prepared to embrace whatever it takes to get there I am also willing to accept the setbacks.  Sometimes we need to be vulnerable enough to surrender to whatever it is that we really really really want.

Dreamers dream:  the bold live.  Anyone who has taken a step of faith will know that the smallest step creates momentum that is hard to stop when fuelled by purpose.    Being bold is the catalyst for wondrous happenings.  Its enthusiasm draws others in.  Being bold is willing to evolve and be able to move past the need for others’ validation (which most of us crave but it is  not a requirement for living boldly).

The BIG is the challenge

The BOLD is the courage and energy

The BEAUTIFUL is the adrenalin rush

There are numerous synonyms for bold.  Take your pick:  gamble, go ahead, stake, run the risk, try your hand, take heart, risk, speculate, venture, take a chance …

Has there been a time recently when you have taken a gamble on an issue, or tried your hand at something new?  What prompted you to do something bold and how did it work out?

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This month I am participating in the A-Z Challenge to write posts related to each letter of the alphabet.  My theme is that of values – both lived and things that add value to my journey.  You can find out more about the challenge here.


5 thoughts on “Big, Bold and Beautiful

  1. I love this post! It reminds me of my goal to live a courageous life, not one that I take actions when I have no fear but one that I do in spite of the fear. “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

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