A Perfect Day

We’re in fantasy land again today and thinking about what our perfect day might look like.  Most of us would find that a no brainer but equally most of us would struggle to fit all the things we love to do in to just one perfect day.  Below is one of the many perfect days I could enjoy.  This prompt comes from NaBloPoMo November challenge to post every day this month.

8am wake up,  read for half an hour while enjoying a specially brewed coffee. Mornings are good for catching up with email replies and reading fellow bloggers posts in my WordPress Reader.

In the afternoon there is time for quilting, scrap booking or card making, at the moment Christmas cards are important to complete. If it is the weekend I’d like to Skype my daughter and grandson.

Late afternoon finds me in my chair on the back verandah in the garden watching fairy wrens and fire-tails splash about in the bird bath with a glass of pink bubbles.

I like to be still in the evenings and because all is perfect on this day the Muse and I would create amazing posts for my readers.

How about you? What would your perfect day look like?


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