The Hardest Part

Sometimes the hardest part of getting to the end of a big project is to maintain enthusiasm and momentum.  Projects follow a process that start in excitement as possibilities are explored and teased out in the group, that’s the fun part.  Everyone finding their place within the group to help see the project to the end can be difficult until each person’s strength is identified.

Then there are those who enjoy the buzz of the group and the accolades at the finish line but busy elsewhere for the middle part; the part where the hard work happens. When that happens the hardest part for me is keeping a good heart but I am always pleased for the group that we reached the finish line with a project well done.

Is there a particular part of a project that you find more difficult than any other?

Posted as part of NaBloPoMo blogging challenge that encourages bloggers to post each day in November.



2 thoughts on “The Hardest Part

  1. Getting started on what I know will be a difficult project in my writing is hard for me, though deadlines help!
    For long-term projects, it is the last part I find hard to keep up the enthusiasm. This may be due to tiredness or to being worn out in the earlier stages.
    Working in and with a group who are investing themselves in a project serves to keep up the energy and momentum as we encourage and help each other. However, when working on my own, I need to have either a great vision and enthusiasm for the project or a lot of self-discipline in order to get it done.

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