Reflection: NaBloPoMo November 2015

On the penultimate day of the November blog-each-day challenge I am posting my reflection of the month because tomorrow, the last day of the month, is Monday, the day I like to post a piece from my life story (Monday Memoir).

The biggest stress of a month long blogging is time, when you’re so tired even the matchsticks are breaking under the weight of weary eyelids you have to push through.  The post goes up or you get left behind.

I’m no stranger to  marathon blogging having started in 2013 with the November NaBloPoMo.  Each time I participate in a challenge I revisit the advice for making it through.  But I am a procrastinator which means I’m looking for planet alignment, prompts carrying beautiful auras (do they do that) and moon in a new phase – howling happens at the end of the challenge, close to the finish line and full moon.

I dusted off the editorial calendar and placed all the prompts, challenges and draft pieces I wanted to include in November NaBloPoMo and allocated them specific days.  I didn’t follow the prompt dates which gave more flexibility to continue with regular posts (Monday Memoir (4 posts), Working Wednesday(4 posts) and the Weekly Photo Challenge (4 posts).


My Messy Editorial Calendar … an Organic Document

It was easy to see where the gaps were and to find suitable challenges that I could write on the fly:  two inspirational quotes, a piece about the Australian Water Dragon and one post about a recent camping weekend with friends.  Having avoided a theme I gained the flexibility to mix it up a bit which helped to keep the interest up (for me and I hope you too).

Most posts were scheduled in advance and the range in the editorial calendar was a big factor in keeping me motivated.  I did not struggle to write each day; if that day’s topic held no interest there were others from which to choose.

The scheduled posts worked well except for one day when I mistakenly scheduled two posts for 8th and none for 9th November which I did not realise until two days later.  So if we were to be pedantic I didn’t complete the challenge.  However, at that point I wasn’t ready to flag it away with so much preparation and potential satisfaction waiting at the month’s end.

Overall it was an easy month for writing but as that isn’t the only part of successful blogging the visiting other blogs was a challenge. Interaction is a big part of blogging but if you’re tired and everything looks like one long sentence it is difficult to think of something scintillating to say in response to a beautiful piece of writing or an inspirational photograph.

So I’m owning up and letting you know I did visit some of y’all and placed my happy-faced ‘like’ on your post which is my ‘hello’;  and to those who didn’t see me please accept sincere apologies.

Interesting things happened with the stats this month compared with October:

  • 15% more people stopped by QP and Eye
  • More than twice the number of posts were viewed compared to October
  • Comments were up by 15%
  • Likes increased by 30%
  • Eight bloggers clicked the ‘follow’ button – thank you.  If I haven’t already visited expect me soon.

Finally,  what I learned this month:

  • Commitment shows in the stats
  • I’m too harsh on myself
  • The editorial calendar actually works
  • Like life, variety spices up the postings
  • A photo is a post
  • Enjoy the process
  • No matter how small the piece it counts
  • I really really really do like to write

Over to you.  If you participated in this month’s NaBloPoMo challenge to blog every day how did you do?  What did you learn.


6 thoughts on “Reflection: NaBloPoMo November 2015

  1. This was my first NaBloPoMo. A few times I wasn’t entirely sure I would be able to post each day. But now I know will be successful… and will most likely participate next year… and I’ve found a few new to me blogs to read too. 🙂


    • I found keeping my focus on the next post helped keep the great overwhelm at bay. Thinking about having to put up 30 pieces in the month can be daunting. Congratulations in completing the challenge and new found success. Thank you for stopping to read and comment 🙂 Linda


  2. Oh my gosh! As a fellow introvert! Argh! I am so excited and you’re post basically sums up my month except for the fact that your’e an experienced blogger and found it easy. I on the other hand struggled with coming up with posts that were relevant to my blog handle. I am such a procrastinator but I found that like you, planning out my posts really did help but nothing as organised as your Editorial Calendar…I have a day book in which I write possible ideas or scribble them on my lecture notes and decide which one to go with. I am looking forward to reading your last post and and so excited this is almost over. 🙂 Sorry, my sentences tend to be long winded.


    • Challenges where I’ve selected to focus on a topic were definitely more difficult than having a variety. If you’re already recording possible post ideas then you’re on the way to your editorial calendar. Blogging is the perfect platform for introverts who can choose to interact and can visit without attracting too much attention. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment 🙂 Linda

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