This reminds me …

The quote below reminds me of the oddball things we all do in the privacy of our homes that we would would acknowledge in public.



  • Talking to your pets with that special voice and language
  • Continuously pressing the pedestrian button hoping it will turn green quicker
  • Pressing the pedestrian button and crossing before it turns green so the cars have to wait for err – no one – to cross the road
  • Pretending to work in a coffee shop but really you’re thinking about how to work the kooks at the next table in to a blog post
  • Constantly checking your phone, or tablet or computer
  • Insisting on having the toilet paper roll over the top so the pattern is up the right way
  • Phonetically sounding words to spell them

Whether or not Johnny Depp would own up to any of the above, it is good to know that we have company, if not with Johnny, at least with each other.  Are there things you do, or say in the privacy of your home that you would not do in public?


This month I am participating in NaBloPoMo blogging challenge that encourages bloggers to post something every day.


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