The Early Bird

Not coming from a family of gardeners my love of plants and the outdoors has been gleaned and nurtured by immersion in books, television programmes, magazines and friends. Now I cannot imagine not being able to sit in a garden and enjoy the peace and comfort that it gives back to us,  a reward for our endeavours.

Summer Flowers

Outside at 5.45am one morning last week I gave in to the urge to have a tidy up. The MOTH (Man of The House) takes care of the gardening while I am at work so there isn’t much left for me to do.  But sometimes the detail-loving-organiser in me can’t resist.

Having rounded up the wheelbarrow and gardening tool box I set to with the secateurs and pruned the carpet rose and trimmed the flourishing ground cover plants, then tamed the strappy daffodil bulb foliage. When the wheelbarrow was full and the garden tools returned to the shed I sat in the garden with a hot cuppa to take in the result of an hour’s work.

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