Pressure Relief Valve: The Faraway Tree Garden

Pressure Relief Valve:  No 2

We bought our current home in 2003 and the gardens were bare and overgrown with invasive asparagus ferns and little else to entice one to spend time outside.  We came from a city where anything grew in the beautiful black volcanic loam from the dormant volcano, Mt Taranaki:  if you planted it – it sprouted.  One didn’t need to be very savvy to have a good garden. When we bought our home in Australia we had little understanding of the harsh summer climate and consequently our initial endeavours were frustrating – everything died.     We quickly learned which plants required little water and where and when to plant seedlings that added colour to the garden.   

The garden pictured is our Faraway Tree garden and this year we bordered the area with strawberry plants, added some height with the white cosmos and then dotted some red salvias to lift the colours.  This little garden includes a Daphne bush, succulents, dahlias, a miniature rose bush, dianthus,  lobelia, geranium and something else that is still a mystery, it comes up every year. photo

I’ve added some non-flowering elements to the garden to increase the interest.  The cow and her calf were a birthday gift, the gnome hanging amongst the old man’s beard keeps a check on the birds while the mirror provides a great source of amusement for all the birds that visit.   Some years ago we had a rabbit come and visit and it was particularly interested in the mirror.

Over the years the garden has given us so much pleasure and become one of our favourite places in which to unwind.   It is a wonderful pressure relief valve after a day’s work or going through a difficult personal time.  The beauty of our garden is that there are a number of places in which to sit depending on what mood is prevailing at any given time. 


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