Strawberry Renovation

Last night we enjoyed a harvest from the strawberry bath and tubs;  red, juicy and big too.  We topped them with coconut yoghurt imagined we were in heaven.

A friend in our writing group was renovating her wheelbarrow of strawberries and gave us about twenty new runners.  The MOTH (Man of The House) and I nicknamed our friend Strawberry Jo because there were two Jo’s in the group.

Since I left the group we have lost touch  and she has  moved away.  However, she is fondly remembered each year when we enjoy nurturing the young plants, nourish them good things and then race each other to pick fresh strawberries.

As tenth generation plants they’ve taught us a few things and each year we learn anew the importance of the annual renovation.

Strawberry Collage

During the process the plants are thinned and older plants are recycled into the compost and the runners planted in their place.  A good mulching keeps the weeds down and lifts the berries from the soil helping to keep them from rotting.  A few weeks ago the plants received a feed of potash and Epsom salts and my word the harvest has doubled since then, as has the size of the fruit and flavour intensity.

I have to say I like the application of the salts on our strawberries a lot more than matron’s view that a’a good dose of the salts’ fixed every tummy ailment.

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