4. Weekend Coffee Catch Up

Welcome to this week’s coffee catch up.  It’s an evening cuppa, after another full day and while Basil watches motorbike racing, I’m outside listening to the sounds of campers settling into their evenings.  Night creatures are about and birds still chatter.  It’s been a warm day in Kununurra, Western Australia but it has cooled off and we’ve switched the air conditioner off.  

I mentioned in the previous catch up that I was looking forward to a bucket-list adventure.  So I’ll start our time together by telling you about my magical day trip to the Horizontal Falls, described by David Attenborough as “one of the greatest natural wonders of the world.”  The colours of the water and cliffs in the gorges and the views from the floatplane were spectacular; and the weather was perfect. 

View over the Buccaneer Archipelago from the floatplane. 
Me with our pilot who did a great job of maximising
our airborne experience over some amazing scenery
Preparing to jet boat through the gap – the horizontal falls – between the two cliffs

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that our ten-day stay in Broome was a holiday from the anxieties of the current situation.  It is hard to pinpoint specifics because everything about the place can only be described in superlatives.  Overall, I’d say the vibe of the town, visitors regard for the safety of others didn’t stop them being welcoming and our camp sites were fabulous. 

The pandemic that closed international borders has made us look to domestic destinations for our holidays and Broome, it seems, has become the new Bali. 

Seeing as we’re having this natter over a cuppa can we, just for a moment,  talk about those closed borders.  Is anyone else noticing that a lot of people are exempt from the rules?  I mean seriously, here in WA mineworkers regularly fly in/out while in other parts of the country there is talk of international students returning from who-knows-where to study here.  And then we had three stupid women who got on a plane in one state, stopped in a second state before flying to a third, went to a party with 20 -30 other nitwits, flew home, falsified health declarations and then skipped quarantine (because that’s what you do when you have a sense of entitlement).  Is it just me or have you wondered who decides what happens to whom and when?  How come they were allowed on any of those flights in the first place?  And when you do find out who’s in charge let them know I want a bit of leeway with the rule-bending too, please.

Ya gotta laugh

But I digress.  Now, where were we?  Ah yes, our travels … and our next stop was Fitzroy Crossing and what a lovely surprise.  I say that because so many people told us to drive straight through, do not pass go, just keep going.  We were pleased we didn’t heed the negative comments as we found the town well ordered, tidy and we would have missed the sunset cruise up the Fitzroy River if we had taken note of their comments.  We stayed at the Fitzroy River Lodge caravan park and felt safe at all times. 

While we waited for the start of the cruise I found this beauty.
Cruising down the Fitzroy River in the Danggu Gorge National Park
On the banks of the river.  We spotted five crocs
during the cruise, all sunning themselves

We packed up after our two-day stop at Fitzroy Crossing and drove away from the town discussing how we had enjoyed our time in the small town. 

If we were having coffee I’d say how our early starts to the day have helped us better manage travel times.  Mostly, that’s down to my not being a morning person. I’m more a middle-of-the-day chick although there is history that tells of over overly chirpy dawn risings and being the life and soul of any party that lasted into the early hours of the next day – in a previous life.

Leaving early in the morning, arriving at the next destination at a leisurely pace, means more time to explore and unwind after the long drive between destinations.  If we were having coffee I’d fess up to the fact that long hours in the passenger seat are better than any xanax look alike. In fact I’ve been known to be “on the nod” within minutes of embarking on a long and boring drive. Every now and again I’m stirred to take a turn at the wheel and have become adept at towing the Coddiwomple. Sadly, my attention span on these long hauls wanes very quickly and I’m yawning after an hour. So, I’m lucky that Basil enjoys driving.

We overnighted at the Doon Doon Roadhouse (gotta love these outback names) and treated ourselves to one of their burgers which were delicious. Basil had the regular works hamburger, without the egg, and I had the Barramundi burger, without the buns, is it still a burger if there are no buns?

Wyndham was the next town on the travel plan and with the early start we arrived before lunch and checked out the swimming pool for a cool off. Another 37C day but lots of shady spots in the campground. Quiet time after our swim before heading up to the lookout with wine and nibbles to watch the sunset. 

Sunset at the confluence of five rivers at Wyndham

If we were having coffee, I’d agree, we are moving at a reasonable pace because we’re aware that we’re heading into the northern part of Australia’s wet season.  As summer moves in and the rains start it won’t be just the heat to contend with but humidity too.  While we have the opportunity we feel the need to see and do as much as we can this trip because who knows what will happen in the future.   At the moment it seems once we complete paperwork, we can cross two state borders but things change so rapidly with the virus who knows what’s ahead.  Will domestic roaming be further curtailed? Will we be allowed to return to our home state?

And on that anxious note, I’m letting the Stoics have the final say and try to heed their wisdom.

All you need are these:  certainty of judgement in the present moment; action for the common good in the present moment; and an attitude of gratitude in the present moment for anything that comes your way.

Marcus Aurelius

If there is something you’d like to chat about in our next catch up, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to include it next time.

Until then, take care, stay safe and be well.

9 thoughts on “4. Weekend Coffee Catch Up

  1. Lovely photos. I follow Australia’s Instagram account and I saw a beautiful aerial shot of The Horizontal Falls a couple of days back. I thought to myself that would be so awesome to see that in person. I enjoyed reading about your trip, I spend my Christmas and NY holidays last year in Queensland and went as far as The Whitsundays which was perfect way to spend the summer. But alas, three weeks wasn’t enough and I sure will be coming back when all is well with the world. Thanks so much for coffee.


  2. Another great coffee catch-up Linda. I envy you the warm weather, as it’s quite cold here, on and off.
    I can understand your amazement at what certain selfish & uncaring people will do, without considering the consequences that may befall others from their actions.
    We are pretty sheltered from that as we barely go out, especially Dirk, whose health is seriously compromised. I am also very restricted so I don’t bring anything home. But all I do is go to the pharmacy or the local IGA for groceries, & occasionally to Bunnings. All whilst wearing a mask of course. Cases in NSW are coming down again, but we won’t be doing any travelling at all.
    Hope you have no problems getting over the necessary borders so you can get home before the build-up to The Wet – the humidity then is really hard to take.


  3. This made me laugh, Linda. I think a burger is still a burger without a bun, yes. Love the name of the roadhouse too, btw. I’m the driver in our marriage. My Linda hates highway driving, so it’s all on me. Luckily, I’m like Basil and I really don’t care either way. – Marty


  4. Lovely post Linda and fabulous photos! Glad you got to see Fitzroy Crossing. I have lots of memories from living there in the 1980s. Take care xx


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