1. Weekend Coffee Catch Up

This weekend coffee catch up is a new kind of post for me but I like the idea it will be informal and off-the-cuff. So, pour your self a cup of your favourite brew and let’s get into it.

Camp site 26, Milligan Island – 3-nighter

If we were having coffee I’d offer to share my custard-cream-filled apple turnover from the Dongara Bakery here in Western Australia. Then I’d ask you to pass me another paper serviette to wipe the cream from the tip of my nose and the custard from my cheek. Seriously, how do they bake these things with this much loft. I’d tell you how I wish you were here to enjoy our lunch spot looking over the the little harbour of Port Dennison. You’d have to be in the caravan too as it is blowing a gale the west coast is renown for.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you how easy it would be to pack up our home on the east coast of Australia and move holus-bolus to the west coast. I’d tell you Western Australia feels like another country. A country where we don’t feel like Big Brother is watching us 24/7. This is a well-managed state where the population knows the rules and by following them each person receives respect. It’s a fantastic state and I’d tell you how blessed we feel to have been “stranded” here during the COVID recovery period.

If we were having coffee I’d share how we wonder whether we will settle into village life once we return to the east coast in December.

I’d tell you we are on the move at a good pace now as we start to chase warmer temperatures and follow the sunshine. We’d talk about the last camp we stayed at for three nights in a National Park and how much we loved it there. And how our day trip yesterday took us into some caves and how I happy-snapped my way around the 1:3 km walking trail and then we had our picnic lunch at a picnic spot amongst the lush greenery of the bush (post coming).

I would confess that we have been binge-watching Game of Thrones and that my favourite characters are Tyrion Lannister and Kaleesi. I’d share how much better we “hear” with sub-titles and wonder if you are the same. We haven’t missed the TV in the least and if we need the news we turn the radio onto to ABC News and get our fix without ads or pomp.

Those who have followed our travels will know that we listen to a lot of audiobooks on the road. And I’d tell you we just flagged another “best-seller” and winner of every-writing-prize-in-the-universe book called The Boy Who Swallowed the Universe. Basil summed up the first six chapters far better than I could saying: It is just rubbish and we shouldn’t be putting ourselves through this. So now we travel in companionable silence or listen to one of the many Spotify playlists we have downloaded.

Lastly, Id tell you that we aren’t far from tonight’s stopover, which may push to two or three nights, at Ellendale Poole that has good reviews on WikiCamps, an app we use to find good free and low-cost camps.

And if we were having coffee what would you tell me I wonder. Until next time, take care of yourselves and have a great week.

4 thoughts on “1. Weekend Coffee Catch Up

    • Thanx Marty, we certainly are enjoying every moment of each day, knowing so many others are still living with restrictions that limit their movements. Yes, the bakery was a highlight. Take care, Linda

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  1. Oh Linda, I love how y’all are living the dream. I would love to be having coffee with you hearing of all your adventures. Makes life in Taupo seem so mundane! Stay safe and keep us posted of new locations and experiences. Lots of love xoxo

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    • Thanx Shari, one day we will sit across from each other and have a coffee catch up, need to leave a morning or afternoon maybe. Hope you and the family are well. Stay safe, hugs and love Linda


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