5. Weekend Coffee Catch Up

I hope you are having, or have had, a great weekend doing all the things that bring you pleasure and release from stress of the past week.  

We’ve had a busy week as we travelled the final few hundred kilometres on the Western Australian (WA) side of the border.  We had a two-night stop at Kununurra to get fresh fruit and vegies and do a few loads of laundry then headed down to Lake Argyle and checked into the campground for our final four nights in WA. 

Infinity pool overlooking Lake Argyle, WA

The campground is part of a larger resort with swanky accommodation, restaurant and pub as well as a tour booking office.  We had use of all resort facilities including the swimming pool, and the luxury of an infinity pool overlooking the lake was delicious.  Its cold water in 37C heat was refreshing so there were lots of short dips to cool down and take in some more of that breathtaking view. 

We did a Lake Argyle cruise and heard about the history of the area … that Lake Argyle is one of the biggest man-made lakes in the southern hemisphere, with more than 70 islands.  Created by the Ord River Dam, it’s classified as an inland sea and at its peak – in the wet season – Lake Argyle holds a staggering 10.7 billion cubic litres of water at the full supply level. That’s more than 18 times the size of Sydney Harbour.

Boris, one of the 30, 000 “freshies”

It is also home to some 30, 000 freshwater crocodiles, a fact some of us were unaware of until our tour guide welcomed us back on board after a swim in the lake.    He assured us we were safe as the freshies tend to busy themselves around the edges and given their narrow jaws and the way their teeth are placed, as potential prey we are too large.

I’d tell you it was a relaxed four days as we read our books, completed pages in the puzzle book, swam in the pool and drank in the views. By the time we were ready to leave hot gusting winds had come up that reminded us of the fire weather conditions last year before we experienced bushfires. It was unsettling and I was pleased to be leaving.

Can you spot the short-eared Rock Wallaby

We were awake early, on our final morning at the lake, and did a hike to the top of the transmitter station overlooking the campground and dam. The lighting was photo-perfect.

What a great way to end our stay in this great state that provided a safe haven during the early phases of the pandemic.

Overlooking the dam and overflow. Beautiful early morning colours.

Later that morning we crossed into the Northern Territory (NT) where a temporary border control unit had popped up. We were greeted by an Army officer who scrutinised our paperwork, double-checked our New South Wales vehicle registration plates before fetching a police officer.

Maybe it was a slow day at border control or maybe the officer was naturally happy to chat. We asked about the national park closures in the NT due to catastrophic fire weather conditions: hot winds and high temperatures. It seems all walking tracks in the national parks were closed but were assured there will be enough to keep you busy anyway. With that, she waved us through the border having verified our paperwork was in order.

Our final swim after our early morning walk and it was fresher than usual. It was also the quickest swim of our stay. Magical.

If we were having coffee, I’d say it is going to take time to process all we’ve seen and been part of in WA. It’s where we’ve been since the start of the pandemic. Yet here we are in a brand new state with more things to do and see. I’d tell you that journal entries have fallen behind and blog updates well, these have become coffee catch-ups. I keep reminding myself to set a time of day to update my journal, but we can see how successful that hasn’t been.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’ve had a few flat days recently which I’m attributing to the heat. But then you all know how hard it is to be a unicorn when you’re hot and bothered.

I hope you’re travelling well and your bubble is safe. We continue to be well and do whatever it takes to keep ourselves and those around us as safe as we can. We each need to do our bit and when everyone does that we’ll all be well and here for a lot longer.

As we’re now in the NT of Australia, we’ll catch up with our news from there next time. In closing, I’ll let the unicorn in me have the last say.

A wise man never played leapfrog with a unicorn

Tibetan Proverb

2 thoughts on “5. Weekend Coffee Catch Up

  1. It has been so lovely hearing of your travels in WA, and written so beautifully. The wonderful photography has added an extra level. We are in Cairns again for a couple of weeks and plan to go down to Mission Beach for a couple of days this week if the weather clears. It has been a bit cool and drizzly the last few days, so looking forward to the sun coming out again. Also looking forward to seeing friends who have been having an epic journey in WA when they get here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Pam, thank you for your kind words. Hope the weather has cleared for your trip to Mission Beach, can’t say we’ve been there so look forward to an update. We’re in Kakadu atm and head towards Darwin tomorrow for a few days. Then it will be south as we head towards Queensland. So hoping we’re going to see you before the wet season arrives.


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