Mind Your Words

Wednesday Work BadgeSometimes all the training, learning, and work experience are not enough to disguise the frustration and disgust I feel when another professional uses their position of power to invalidate someone’s best efforts to meet the stringent directives contained in a (child protection) care plan.

Sadly the words were delivered over the telephone and the professional did not see the impact of the words on the mother.  The client’s endeavours to reach out to her family and engage with child protection services were negated and swept aside in a matter of seconds.

Months of residential rehabilitation, more months of relapse prevention counselling, twelve months of abstinence from alcohol were swept aside with a few ill chosen words.

The client kept her voice steady but her face crumbled, her body sagged into itself and tears spilled down her cheeks.

What now?

2 thoughts on “Mind Your Words

  1. What a heartbreaking situation. One of the cruelest things we do to one another is to refuse to accept the changes someone has made or, worse, to not allow, or even undermine, those changes. I hope the mother you write about finds the courage to continue.


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