Time Capsule

This is the twentieth post in a month of blogging through the alphabet. I’ve joined bloggers from around the world for April as we write a post 6/7 days each week throughout the month.

If I buried a time capsule today these few items will paint a picture of how our world was on this day in history.

An article from the local newspaper:

Today’s COVID-19 Update

  • There are currently 546 confirmed COVID-19 cases in WA, 221 of which are linked to cruise ships.
  • 451 people have recovered from COVID-19 in WA, and five people are in ICU.
  • In Australia, the death toll stands at 74 and there are 6647 confirmed cases.
  • Around the world, the number of cases has passed 2.5 million with more than 177,000 deaths.
  • US coronavirus deaths now exceed 45,000. President Donald Trump has announced a 60-day pause on immigrants applying for permanent residency.

What’s on TV tonight?

The Drum 6:00 pm
Sammy J 6:55 pm
ABC News 7:00 pm
7.30 7:30 pm
The Heights 8:02 pm
Grand Designs Australia 8:31 pm
Barrie Cassidy’s One Plus One 9:22 pm
The Cult Of The Family 9:52 pm
ABC Late News 10:52 pm
DCI Banks 11:25 pm
Tonight’s TV programmes from ABC TV channel

We have more than thirty free-to-air TV channels but we struggle to find something to watch. Our preferred TV channel is ABC as there are no commercial advertisements although that’s not true if we count their programme advertising. Still it is better than other channels. We watch a fair amount of ABC iView (catch up TV). Printed copies of the above articles and programme menu go into the time capsule.

TV Series

We are away from home at the moment and when we aren’t able to get TV we watch pre-recorded TV serials. My favourite is Grey’s Anatomy but I’ve recently started watching Boardwalk Empire and think it is going to be a good series. We also resubscribed to STAN for those nights when we want to be entertained with a series; we can live stream these. Of course that relies on a good internet signal, also not always available when we’re travelling. Each series to have a single DVD with several episodes and be included in the time capsule.

Phone calls and Messages

Today I received a call from a colleague I worked with. We catch up every few months and this catch up was about how she is now working from home and not enjoying the isolation during the COVID-19 lockdown times. We also receive a few cold-callers wanting to sell various products. We know when they call because they dial several numbers and wait for the first person to answer, wo there is always a miniscule delay before they answer. We put the phone down but it is tempting to try one of the many counter-actions to these callers.

I received lovely messages in response to several blog posts I wrote over the past days. There was also a few Facebook messages from our daughter in New Zealand updating us about the health and wellbeing of the extended family. I print these and enclose in time capsule.

Grocery Store Brochures/Catalogues

Books I am Reading

The Physician (Book 1/3) written by Noah Gordon. A story that starts in the 11th century and follows a young Rob Cole as he follows his dream. Well-written and the research is fantastic. I am thoroughly enjoying this book, again access through my home library and BorrowBox.

The Scholar (Book 2/3) written by Dervla McTiernan. An Irish detective series. I listened to the first book through BorrowBox, our library’s portal through which we access all digital books. I like the writer’s style and the reader is Irish so the entire reading is authentic.


I’d enclose a few hand-written recipes that we regularly enjoy: Chicken Cacciatore and Thai Red Curry with Beef, Cashews and Bok Choy and a recipe for a rice salad.

Personal Items

The last items into the capsule would be a few personal items.

  • A printed and a hand-written journal each from a different year
  • A tax return and some financial papers (copies)
  • A pair of spectacles in their box with the prescription enclosed
  • A copy of our marriage certificate and copies of the children’s birth certificates

The number and nature of the items in a time capsule depends on its size and how long it is to be buried. For brevity’s sake I’ve limited this blogged version of my time capsule but the sky is the limit.

So, I’m curious. What would are some of the items you’d bury in a time capsule.

2 thoughts on “Time Capsule

  1. Those are all great items, Linda. I especially like the messages from friends because it gives more an open window into what life was like for people. Funny that you’re watching American shows. For us it’s British and Australian. 🙂 – Marty

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s interesting, Marty and yes we too prefer the English TV shows. Unfortunately it has been decades since our networks have purchased anything new and we are weary of the repeats of those they do own. Doc Martin, Miss Marple, Judge John Deed to name a few. Until then we do enjoy what we find on Stan or Netflix and have ourselves seriously engrossed in Grey’s Anatomy. Linda x

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