Day out in Fremantle

Since COVID-19 blustered into our lives streets everywhere are emptying. Each day fewer people venture out which leaves whole towns in a dreamlike state. As people ‘self-isolate’ as needed, others go through the motions of daily activities. For us, it is trying to continue as best we can while keeping ourselves and those near us safe.

But for now, we continue the adventure as we explore new parts of the country. We left the caravan and truck in Kalgoorlie and took the train to Perth, where we enjoyed the space of an apartment for the next four days. After the confines of the caravan this was palatial. The place even had its own laundry in the apartment, a full-size kitchen and a huge lounge and verandah.

Perth Station

Getting around Perth is a breeze with the free CAT buses that run many routes around the city. But on a sunny day we took the train out to Freemantle, at the mouth of the Swan River, and Western Australia’s chief port. The modern and convict-built architecture is fabulous and well preserved. If ever there was an architectural time capsule it is here in the city of Freemantle.

Gorgeous Hotel

Information brochures at the ready we took to the streets with our itinerary planned. Of course, the first stop were the markets open on the day we visited: a good omen. What is it about markets that pull me in every time. Is it the colour-splashes, the people, the goodies on offer or the buzz and bustle.

… What can I say …

We had lunch at Kailis Fish Market Cafe overlooking the harbour. The seagulls have attitude and a sense of entitlement that has you guarding your plate. We chose the grilled fish option and salad rather than chips and the meal was great. The licensed cafe meant a glass or two of wine with the meal while we overlooked the harbour.

Harbour view for lunch


2020 is the eleventh year – and my fifth year – in which thousands of bloggers participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge during April. I am combining this post as part of that challenge and as a continuation of recording the 2nd Stage of our Oz Road Trip.

3 thoughts on “Day out in Fremantle

  1. From Toffee the cat: My old woman says these are wonderful photographs and she is jealous of your journey. I was interested in the Fish Market Cafe. Could you please post me some prawns and tuna. Thank you.

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