Introducing The Coddiwomple

Our previous caravan was hours in our care when it was dubbed The NinkyNonk (children’s TV programme In The Night Garden).  It was small and functional and it had the x-factor  for cuteness.  Friends wanted to know whether our second caravan,  a Jurgens Sungazer,  would also be known as the NinkyNonk.  We felt it was a betrayal of the original and one-and-only NinkyNonk but we have been unsure of what to call our second caravan, until now.

NinkyNonk at Warrumbungle National Park

The NinkyNonk

As retirement approached we spoiled ourselves, sold the NinkyNonk and bought the Jurgens Sungazer that had an en-suite with separate toilet and shower.  There isn’t a day we aren’t grateful for the trade up.  Being able to shower in the comfort of the caravan is special, as is not having to venture into the cold to check on the porcelain.  The Jurgens, like the NinkyNonk has followed us around Australia with little cost in maintenance or repairs.

Because the Jurgens is a heavier caravan we upgraded our towing vehicle to a Holden Colorado truck, a grunty beast that has improved fuel economy.  Apparently, we’re Holden people.  The previous vehicles were an Astra, an economical sedan that pulled the NinkyNonk well but under-powered to tow the Jurgens.  The Commodore Sportswagon came next but we had to sell that as it was heavy on fuel consumption.

Truck and Caravan (R)

Holden Colorado and Jurgens Sungazer

With a great towing vehicle and a good caravan paired up we feel the due will serve us well into our twilight years as we coddiwomple towards our rocking chair days.  The dictionary defines coddiwomple this way:  to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.  What can I say, it is us to a tee.  Our purpose is to have fun, see new places, learn new things, meet new people and laugh, a lot.   And if we ever get there we will have arrived.

The naming of the NinkyNonk reflected small beginnings.  As we toast the Jurgens Stargazer with a glass of boxed best we hereby rename her The Coddiwomple.  The name will come to reflect our travels in a more expansive way as we travel around Australia with purpose as we head towards a vague destination.


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