We’ve been members of the Camper Trailer Club for three years and each year at the annual gathering we rekindle friendships made the previous years.  The gatherings run from Sunday night through to Friday night and the closing  ceremony when next year’s location is revealed.  They are a hardy bunch…… mostly baby boomers.  We feel at home and welcomed each year.

The first year we attended camper trailers outnumbered every other ‘holiday home’; the following year some caravans snuck in – same people different camping experience.  This year most are caravans with a few camper trailers.  Long gone is the down to earth basic camper trailer.  The few around us are luxurious and have well equipped kitchens and other modern conveniences.

The NinkiNonk

Meet the NinkyNonk

Ah me, what can I say.  We too have had a change and I feel like we have betrayed our trusty camper trailer that helped make so many happy memories.  Despite the sales hype it took us half an hour to set up on a good day and hours at worst.  With all that canvas if the forecast was for rain we stayed home rather than struggle with wet canvas.  While we look forward to our first night in the NinkyNonk the camper trailer is spending its first night on Gumtree (similar to eBay) waiting for a new home.

Now getting away will be as easy as hooking up the “NinkyNonk” and disappearing in to the sunset  for one, two or three nights – we hope.


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