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Every child loves the intrigue and promise of finding treasure.  We can’t all be Blackbeard, Indiana Jones or Crocodile Dundee but we can be on the lookout for gems hidden in the oft neglected rabbit warrens of blogosphere.  This page is about helping visitors to QueasyPeasy (QP) find the treasure in and about QP’s nooks and crannies.


October 2014:  Supported by a Facebook group – which is still open to anyone with a passion for digital journalling – I plunged into responding to brilliant prompts posted each day by a committed group of mentors.  It was an excellent experience.  I recommend you join in to discover what lies beneath the surface.  Living an authentic life is not easy and the time spent in journalling, which meant time away from QP, I hope will reflect in future posts.  I grew in October and like all growth spurts there was pain but I do feel taller now.  

Top Posts:

  1. When Life Works
  2. Red Sky at Night
  3. Digital Journaling:  A Reflection
  4. Celebrating Multiculturalism & Social Justice
  5. How Long Does It Take To Write A Post

September 2014: With less commitment than previously I joined NaBloPoMo for a month of Healing.  I picked a few topics that resonated and were helpful to explore in a post.  

  1. Talk it out or let things rest?
  2. Why is it difficult to talk about race?
  3. Processing difficult events
  4. Does time heal all wounds?

August 2014:  This has been a month of hard knocks and what better way to cope than to blog my way through it.  I needed a fresh start at something in my life so I took up the Share Your World weekly challenge and find that the four questions posed each week are fun and achievable.  They are not as intense as some other challenges and there is no urgency. 

Welcome To My World

We met family and six of us spent four nights on the Murray River in the most glorious houseboat.  We could not help but have a wonderful time reconnecting as we enjoyed gourmet food, exquisite wine and other alcohol beverages (too many) and great company.  I don’t think any of us could have handled more than the four days, our livers would have rebelled.  A wonderful time but returning to the moderate lifestyle we’re used to has been good too.

  1. Bag Drop:  Off to a bumpy start but it was onwards and upwards thereafter
  2. Road trip from Melbourne to Echuca where we picked up the houseboat

July 2014:  31 days, 31 posts is the essence of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  There are no prompts and I took the opportunity to explore some ideas that are close to my heart.

  1. Encouragement
  2. Journalling
  3. Case Study from my work as a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
  4. When We Disregard Dignity We Create Conflict

June 2014:  June was a slow month as I grappled with abandonment issues … QP’s mojo had relocated to the carpet in front of the Winter fire.  We rallied and put together some interesting reading which we’re sure you’ll find enjoyable.

  1. We visited the big smoke of Sydney
  2. Are You Clothed or Are You Dressed?
  3. Remembering BB
  4. Tilly, You Rock My World
  5. Do I Get Enough comments?  Do we ever get enough comments …

May 2014:  A hectic month that included a flight across the ditch to New Zealand to visit family and friends but a lovely break from the routine of work, laundry chasing in Winter and housework.  The NaBloPoMo challenge theme was Nourish.  Check out this sampling and then dive in for more as you potter about beneath the surface of QP:

  1. Grapes and Liquorice Allsorts
  2. My Personal Chef
  3. Yoga and Meditation:  Nourishing My Soul
  4. Nourish Me (Apart from Food)
  5. My Favourite Restaurant

April 2014 was spent participating in a challenge of posting something each day with the topic related to the day’s letter:  1st April – A; 2nd April – B and so on.  Themed posts or random contributions were at the blogger’s discretion although I chose to focus my writing on Social Justice.  Why?  Because it is close to my heart, I am deeply moved to help minimise the harms associated with discrimination, inequality – financial and social, and because I work with individuals affected by substance dependence.   Each post zeroed in on the many aspects of social justice especially in relation to the impacts of societal discriminations towards people affected by drug use.

Topics included:  So What’s This Social Justice Thing, Youth Drug Use, Tolerance, Welfare Dependency, Virtues, Mental Illness, National Reforms, Opportunity and many others.

March 2014: These are some of my responses to interesting prompts regarding the many different ways we see our-SELF.  While it may sound like a navel gazing exercise (which it was) it was also challenging.  This month I found myself enjoying the blogging groove with prompts that inspired writing that flowed easily.  

Top 5 Picks:

  1. Two heads are better than one
  2. My Four Selves
  3. How would you rate your self-confidence?
  4. Still blogging ten years from now? 
  5. Lunch time Breakout

February 2014:  a month of perspective.  

The Full Monty of February Posts

A Selection from the full Monty

  1. Write about an event that happened today;



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