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Face of QP  (Linda Stewart)

How we blog has changed since I sashayed into the wide open space known as the blogosphere. From journal-keeping blogging was a natural progression.  It provides a creative place that keeps me accountable for my content as well as the quality of writing.  It was a brave step: as an introvert my preference is to observe rather than be heard, as for speaking, stop it you!

I trust my audience and with that comes a willingness to be vulnerable and transparent. This monumental shift in how I engage with others is driven by a core belief that to live with sincerity we need to be authentic.  I cannot be authentic without being open and honest.


My work takes me into the world of parents affected by drug and alcohol use and is cognitively and emotionally taxing and worthwhile beyond measure.  Sometimes I write about the challenges of work with a sense of indignation about the way the vulnerable in our community are perceived, and treated.  Mostly I write about whatever piques my interest.  There is no niche audience I am hoping to hook in but choose instead to follow my muse.

During July, August and September 2017 we will be on a road trip to the Red Centre of Australia, destinations too hot to experience during the summer months.  We will be driving a Holden Sportswagon and towing a Jurgens Sungazer self-contained caravan.  Our hope is to spend as much time free camping as possible.  We believe that getting off the beaten track and staying in locations away from campgrounds will give us a richer experience.  Internet connection permitting we will be writing about our travels and reflecting on our experiences.

If it is true that the more you write the better you become then I want to write, write and write some more.  I have gleaned volumes since those early days.    I have learned, laughed and struggled here more than other arenas of my life, and all from the safety of my laptop.  Blogging is the perfect creative outlet for an introvert.   I hope you find something that resonates.


Updated 25th June 2017


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Before I retired, I was a journalist and copywriter. So, I relate to your writing side. I began my blog as a way of sharing my journey through the jungle through learning photography. About 2 years in, I thought I should start writing the blog better! Keep at it, and you’ll achieve your writing goals. Keep up the photography too!

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  2. Hi! I’d like to use the wonderful photo of the 185 Chairs on your site in a scholarly article (no payment / profit involved…alas!) and wondered first whether you had any objection, and second, how I should credit the photographer? Is it your picture?


    • Hi Celia, sorry to be tardy in replying to your request to use my photo – yes it is mine. If you still wish to use it I would like it copyright-tagged with my name: Linda Stewart. Thank you for the visit and request.


  3. Hi Linda
    I found your blog, thankyou for paying me a visit. I really like the way you paragraph, then title all the snippets of your current activities. It makes for an enjoyable as well as an easy read. I see you live in Australia, I live on the Gold Coast, we recently relocated from Darwin. I shall be a regular visitor to your site Linda.
    Kind Regards from
    Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊

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