7. Weekend Coffee Catch Up

Welcome to another weekend coffee catch up. I hope you are doing well and keeping busy with activities that nurture you in this tough time. It’s a lovely sunny afternoon here so let’s sit outside with our coffee as we catch up. I don’t have biscuits or cakes this afternoon but I do have chocolate coated licorice logs; dark chocolate. We can share.

Would it be cliché to say I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through October? For us, that means less than two months until we are “home home” and I have to say there are mixed feelings happening here. There is a sense of excited anticipation to be amongst friends again melded with the knowledge that we, as they, have lived through the pandemic in very different ways. How do we come together and then move forward? All questions to which there are no answers, but we are positive.

We spent a night at the St Lawrence Wetlands, where the ground is dry and cracked. We’re below the Tropics now and the country is arid and parched.

We Are Here

We’re in Bundaberg, Queensland, for a two-night stopover which feels like bliss as we’ve done a lot of driving and one-nighters this week. As much as we’d like to slow down, we’re in a groove. In truth, we’ve set a cracking pace but it is time to apply the brakes and we’re finding that difficult. Staying put was easy while there were interesting things to see and do. Now we’re back in familiar territory we seem to be moving with increased speed.

However, this morning we spent an hour in the Baldwin Swamp Conservation Park, lost along the many pathways and stopping to spot water and wading birds in their environment. It was a restful morning followed by lunch overlooking the Burnett River. And now, we have the weekend papers we’re back at the caravan with a cuppa. We enjoy different sections of the paper and while Basil catches up on the boring political stuff, I peruse the magazine section, check out the Sudoku and easy crossword puzzles and arts, book reviews and culture sections.

On Audiobook

BorrowBox has provided some fun titles to keep us entertained.

  • Our latest download is a Val McDermid psychological thriller (The Distant Echo); the narrator has the most dreamy baritone voice but I am finding him difficult to hear! However, the jury is out as to how the plot will develop but the author is well-known and naturally, her books are “international bestsellers”. I can’t be the only sceptic about all these international best selling authors. Can I?
  • I’m also listening to The Far Pavilions (Edward Keenan): excellent narration and I am loving the story. It is a 48 hour listen and has held my attention throughout. I don’t want it to end.
This pair of deer were in the St Lawrence Wetlands as we wandered through on our walk earlier in the week. A lovely moment for us. They weren’t skittish and posed beautifully.


For years we’ve used Google Music but the enforced shift to YouTube Music has not been without issues, the least of which is not being able to access our music. We now rely on Spotify. Our playlists are an eclectic mash-up of 1970s folksy numbers, a splash of heavy rock, pop opera and classical music.

Does anyone remember when Nigel Kennedy reintroduced us to the violin and brought us back to the classics with his rendition of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? Great, wasn’t it. And recently I’ve discovered Hauser, another contemporary musician – a cellist – who has put his spin on some old favourites. Like Mozart’s Piano Concertos. I know what you’re thinking. How does a cellist spin a piano concerto? I’ll let you decide as you listen here to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No: 21. You’re welcome.

The Miscellaneous Bits

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you we’re ploughing through our mobile data allowances. We have plans that roll over every 28 days, effectively giving the ISP thirteen opportunities to bill us. Whereas if we had a month-month prepaid deal it would be twelve top-ups. Does this happen only in Australia? One of the reasons we go through the data is we stream ABC iView, Netflix or Stan rather than watch television. TV reception is unreliable in the outback and even here in a reasonably sized city, we have no reception. Arguably, there is little on TV worth watching.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that we’ve landed on our feet with the caravan park we picked this time. It cost less than oththeers we checked out plus we have an on-site ensuite. How blessed can we be.

As we move south, the temperatures are more temperate and we’re enjoying the cooler days and sea breezes along the coast. It has been months since we slept under more than a sheet but I sense we’ll be pulling out warmer bedding in the next few weeks.

Ok folks, that’s a wrap for this week. Tell me, how have you been?

7 thoughts on “7. Weekend Coffee Catch Up

    • Hi back at ya both! Yes, we’re starting to think of our return to the fold so to speak. Must confess to having felt excited about reconnecting with friends in the village. Stay well you both and take care of each other. B & L xx


  1. We had our chilly first dusting of snow here in South Dakota yesterday. I’m not ready. A friend in Arizona wrote their temperature is still in the high 90s. Neither of us is happy, but we plod along making the most of every day. I’m reading Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, a different kind of read for me and a good escape.


    • I don’t think I’m ever ready for cooler weather but unlike yourself, we are heading into Summer. I have read the Book Woman … and really enjoyed it. The dedication of those women was amazing and did so much to bring books to those living in remote areas. They had a hard life. Take care and keep yourself safe xx Linda

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  2. Very nice Linda, enjoyed our virtual coffee with your beautiful photos and interesting views on the scenery. Enjoy your las5 couple of months, love Shari 😘


    • Thanx Shari, we are definitely aware our time on the road is limited although we will be able to travel once back in our home state – somehow it’s not as exciting visiting places to which you’ve already been. I bet you are hankering for some time away. I heard NZ and NSW has a travel bubble so you could visit your daughter, no? xx Linda


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