Green Head, WA

With more than 100 campgrounds in National Parks, Western Australia (WA) offers plenty in the way of bush and remote camping experiences. Where we are at the Milligan Island Camping Node, north of Green Head is one of the best we’ve been to, and within a few hundred metres of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

View from atop a sand dune on the walkway into the small township of Green Head

Each of the huge 36 campsites is contained within fences that offer privacy. The sites have been well thought out and each backs onto bush on the lee side of the sand dunes. The $15 per vehicle per night goes towards conservation programmes and developing and maintain facilities. Long drop toilets are well maintained and the garbage bins emptied regularly. There is no power or running water so campers need to be self-sufficient.

A ranger visits the site at least twice a day to collect fees and make sure we’re happy and behaving appropriately. This is very relaxed campground which is to the credit of the ranger. We’ve had a dream run in National Parks and each visit gets better and better.

Heading out on our afternoon walk to the head

Having sat in the sun all morning we stretched our legs this afternoon and walked along the beach to the heads. We were also tracking a geocache in the sand dunes, 500 metres from our campsite. At the top of a sand dune we found a memorial to Bella, whom we take to have been a beloved dog as there was a muzzle hanging on the cross; one hopes that Bella was a pet!

While I was considering the breed of mut Bella was and how she died and other trivialities, Basil moved some metres into the bush and found the geocache. Hidden under bushy scrub in an old ammunition box, it was a lovely find. So we found the geocache but Bella’s demise remains a mystery.

RIP Bella with the muzzle

This area was once home to many squatters shacks, but they were torn down around 10-15 years ago. The cache is in the approximate location of my parents’ shack where we spent a lot of good summers. You can still see remnants of some shacks, such as concrete foundations and tin (we even found an old toilet). Please take care if you choose to walk through the sand dunes to check out the old shacks. There is still some wire and metal lying around, but there is none around the cache. Cache is an ammo container hidden under some bushes. Take your time to wander & enjoy the serenity 🙂 – Description by the person that placed the geocache.

The Turquoise Coastline, Green Head, WA

The rugged coastline has unstable surfaces with undercut cliffs and loose rocks. There are warnings along the cliff top to keep to tracks that offer stunning views of the coastline without having to venture into the dangerous zone of cliff edges.

The dried seaweed deposits along the beach walk made it a difficult but cushy walk to the point. Homeward bound we opted for the gravel road making for a quicker journey to get the billy on the boil for a much-needed cuppa.

Sunset was 5:25pm tonight and we were back on the beach to watch the giant fireball dipping beyond the horizon. The clouds made it a stunning setting. Once the sun drops, so too does the temperature and with the other sungazers we made our way back to the site to stoke up the fire … and pour a well-earned G & T.

Gratitude Moments:

  • Brilliant sunshine and great weather
  • Health to enjoy walking
  • Meeting others on a similar journey and heading north to the warmer temperatures

5 thoughts on “Green Head, WA

  1. Lovely post Linda! Glad you are getting some sunshine. We are still having intermittent storms and wild weather with some sunny spots. Hope you are both well and enjoying your journey xx

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  2. What a lovely trip and excellent experiences. We are in Cairns at the moment. We got out of lockdown 2 weeks ago, but can only go as far as Cairns and The Tablelands, otherwise we have to do 2 weeks quarantine when we go home. We don’t even need a letter from the commandant to go home, just our CT address on our license. QLD family is now allowed to visit as long as they have paperwork to get through the control gate on the range.


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