The Pinnacles, WA

The outback desert regions have a way of reminding us of our in/significance in the role of intriguing land formations.  The sheer size and solitude are eerie and today a soft breeze shushed through these bizarre rock formations adding to the sense of isolation.  Handing us the route map, the park would like walkers to follow, the officer finished the introduction with “Don’t get lost out there.”

We visited the discovery centre to learn about the formation of The Pinnacles and learn some of the history about the “discovery” as late as the 1934s.  It wasn’t until 1964 they became part of every traveller’s bucket list and today are iconic Western Australia. 

The walking track took us into the heart of the desert and we were permitted to wander freely.  While the track was marked there is no formal path and footprints criss-crossed the area.  

Civilisation disappears rapidly and over the sand dunes one is completely alone.  It wasn’t until we had been out in the sun a while we realised how easy it would be to get lost out here. 

The limestone pillars rise from a landscape of yellow sand and are regarded as one of the most unique landscapes in Australia.

As rainwater comes into contact with the dune sands, it dissolves the calcium carbonate grains. As the dunes dry out, the calcium carbonate recrystallized and cements nearby sand grains together, forming limestone. This process underlies the formation of the pinnacles.

Scientists believe that the story of the pinnacles begins off shore, where shell fragments break down to form fine-grained sand rich in calcium carbonate (lime).

The flora was impressive considering the arid environment in which it eeks out an existence.  Colour speckled the sandstone coloured ground and I imagine Spring would bring an amazing display of everything wonderful nature has to offer. 

Next stop Cervantes for diesel, fresh fruit and vegies and then onto tonight’s stop at Green Head, an off-grid campsite close to the ocean.  Tonight we sit outdoors under the Milky Way, gaze heavenward and wonder how we got so lucky.

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