It is Good to Remember

Life is not easy.

Neither is it fair.

But this is the only life we have and the fact we are here is sufficient reminder that we come from a long tradition of survivors. Our heritage is impressive. Our ancestors came through the Black Plague, several influenza pandemics, two world wars, numerous other wars and that doesn’t begin to cover the personal struggles, tragedies and grief they overcame in their personal lives.

Today’s reading of the Stoics was a reminder of such truths.

“Don’t forget, though, that you come from a long, unbroken line of ancestors who survived unimaginable adversity, difficulty, and struggle. It is their genes and their blood that runs through your body right now. Without them, you wouldn’t be here.

“You’re an heir to an impressive tradition – and as their viable off-spring, you are capable of what they were capable of.”

(Commentary sourced from The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday)

And Epictetus reminds us too that …

“What really frightens and dismays is not external events themselves, but the way in which we think about them. It is not things that disturb us, but our interpretation of their significance.”

It feels like we are moving forward at a great pace in our recovery from the ramifications of COVID-19. The “new” freedoms we have, the larger areas to explore and closer contact with each other. It feels like we can breath again and it reminds me that despite the past months we are all still here.

We are getting through this and we will emerge stronger and more resilient than we went into the experience.

One thought on “It is Good to Remember

  1. Lovely post Linda! Excellent advice from the Stoics as well. It is so true when we think about our ancestors – we are very lucky to be here today 😊🌹xx


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