Naturaliste National Park

Naturaliste National Park is less than one and a half hours drive south of Perth, and popular for day trips and short getaways. It is a must see when visiting the South West corner of Western Australia. Under normal conditions the lighthouse is accessible and a number of historical tours available to explore Cape Naturaliste.

It had rained in the morning and a lot of cloud about in the afternoon. The lighthouse from the road.

Cape Naturaliste, in the south west of Western Australia, is the site of a lighthouse which was activated in 1904. It is a 20-metre high cylindrical tower built of limestone that still uses its original first order Fresnel lens made by Chance Brothers. Wikipedia

COVID-19 has curtailed most tourist activities and we were happy to see it from afar. One day we may be able to climb the lighthouse and take advantage of the views the reviews talk about. They sound stunning. For now we were happy to wander the area and enjoy a short bush walk.

Exercise is a part of our routine and we walk regularly but bushwalking has to be the ultimate green activity. Walking the wide open spaces and canopied boardwalks there is time to notice vegetation as we keep a lookout for track markers.

Between May and December, humpback, southern right and blue whales make their way along Western Australia’s coast. It is the longest whale watching season and while we are keen to get moving again, I am pleased we will be along this coastline during those months. We’ve had several attempts at whale-watching with little success. Every amateur photographer chases that one photo and who knows, 2020 may be my year.

One of the many swimming bays within Geographe Bay on the South West coast of Western Australia

The Cape Naturaliste region is alternating rugged granite headlands, and sheer limestone cliffs. Characteristic of this coastline are long stretches of wild, sandy beaches backed by extensive dune systems. We’ve loved the warm water of the Indian Ocean and spent a number of days enjoying the beaches.

Part of the headland below the lighthouse

Gratitude Moments:

  • Being able to go for a drive
  • The well maintained boardwalks
  • Bushwalking in a National Park

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    • In WA we are allowed to move about in our region and where we are it’s a fairly large region so we are very fortunate to be here rather than in our home state of New South Wales that has much stricter regulations.

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