On our last day in Perth we took the free bus service up to the WA Botanic Gardens, which are perched on Mt Eliza escarpment, within Kings Park. Kings Park is the largest inner city park in the world and with sweeping views across the Swan and Canning Rivers it deserves its place on tourist brochures as a must see.

The city view framed on either side by a Boab tree on the left and a Pandanus to the right

The bus dropped at the bottom gate of Kings Park and we walked up to the top end and Botanic Gardens via a series of memorial avenues. At the base of planted trees along these avenues were names of men and women who had died during the wars in which Australians were called to serve.

The gardens of both Kings Park and the Botanic area were stunning and the concrete pathways around both gardens make it easy to get around. We didn’t see the gardens in their entirety, choosing instead to simply be wherever the paths took us.

Gija Jumulu (Boab Tree)

Gija Jumulu was one of two favourite stops in the gardens. This 750 year old Boab was transported 3, 200 km from Telegraph Creek, northern Western Australia and planted in its current position in WA Botanic Gardens in 2008.

This was the longest land journey of a tree of this size in history. The construction of a new bridge on the Great Northern Highway required the tree to be moved.

Information Board at the site

The Gija people of the East Kimberley region gifted the Jumulu to the people of Western Australia. There are other Boabs in the Botanic Gardens Gija Jumulu is by far the largest. I loved the history of the tree and the fact it was a gift from the Indigenous people of one region to citizens of another within the same state.

My favourite photo of the afternoon
Basil taking 5 at one of the lakes

My other favourite part of the gardens was the sky or tree top walk, cleverly weaving its way amongst the treetops of large specimens that provided a canopy under which we sheltered from the heat and sun. The 180 degree panoramas are every photographer’s’ delight. However, the day we visited while it was hot the lighting was not wonderful for photos. I guess that means we’ll have to return at some point when the lighting is better.

Gratitude Moments:

  • Perth’s excellent, and free, bus service that dropped us the entrance of Kings Park
  • The calm and serenity of the gardens
  • The lovely apartment in Perth that was home for four days


2020 is the eleventh year – and my fifth year – in which thousands of bloggers participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge during April. I am combining this post as part of that challenge and a continuation of recording the 2nd Stage of our Oz Road Trip.

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    • Almost Marty and yes it is sad to go these places and see so few able to enjoy them. We are fortunate here in Western Australia where restrictions allow us to move about within our regions provided we are social distancing. Take care Linda

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