Halfway between Sydney and Perth is Kimba with the best community campground at which we have stayed. Well done Kimba. Hot showers for just $1, dump point, toilet, picnic tables and freshwater. It was a magic two nighter out of the wind and very few flies.

Half way between Sydney and Perth

The early pioneers often referred to the area as Heartbreak plains.  No kidding, this is a harsh environment from which to eek a living. It is dry and nearly all natural vegetation has been cleared to make way for wheat. In all truth Kimba’s early pioneering years were very tough indeed, with many farmers constructing primitive huts from flattened kerosene tins. I imagine life is still tough around these parts in spite of modern conveniences .

Viterra handles the storage and manages the grain network across South Australia and western Victoria, employing locals for jobs that haven’t yet been mechanised.

While crops today are sown with sophisticated tractors and sowing equipment, using computers and GPS systems, early settlers used horse drawn ploughs to break the ground and all seed sowing was manual. Modern machinery can be operated remotely and generate data that allows the farmer to vary inputs such as seed, fertiliser and other crop protection products.

Kimba Silo Art

The grain solos around the country are unattractive but the process of embellishing them at work has helped improve the landscape and bring travellers.

Melbourne artist Cam Scale took 26 days and 200 litres of paint to complete the artwork above. Because these solos are operational, viewing platforms provide a safe place from which to photograph.

Mural at the Kimba Recreation Centre and Sports Grounds


For artists willing to travel to out of the way places to help lift the morale and help beautify rural towns