Point Lowly, South Australia

The challenge of blogging on the road is simultaneously having good connectivity and a suitable amount of time to put thoughts to paper. I never imagined one could be busy so much of the time.

We have data, we have connectivity and we have time so a quick note from us.

We farewelled Adelaide after another great 10-days at the Belair National Park. Our destination was the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

Last year we spent two weeks on the Yorke Peninsula and the wind blew fourteen days out of the fourteen days. Back then we did not think much of windfarms as we headed down the peninsula. But the spinning blades of windmills on every windfarm should have warned us. That, and the khaki landscape, cowering against persistent and prevailing winds.

It was not our best experience.

But you have to see the Eyre Peninsula they said, so here we are on the Eyre at Point Lowly.


It is the coastline that brings us to such out of the way spots; the ones off the beaten track. Where the water stretches beyond the horizon and the spaces, wide and open. As I sit and tap out this post a lone fisherman clambers over the rocks of the pier and casts in his line. It’s a tranquil spot.

Happy Fishing

The two glorious days we swam and lazed on white sands with our books were cathartic. We cannot believe that here, right where we are in the Land Downunder, is another corner of paradise.


However, by the third night, the infamous South Australian wind caught up with us and it was time to move on.

Running low on fresh fruit and veggies, and to get out of the wind, we headed inland.

Point Lowly, sunset looking across to the LPG loading platform

Our farewell gift from Point Lowly was a moody, but stunning, sunset.

Next time, see you at the halfway-across-Australia point – in Kimba.

GRATITUDE MOMENTS: Sunny days, clear skies and the ocean. Our camping neighbours who were a delight.