Zooks, it’s Zee End

Finally, some stats of our Big Fat Aussie Road Trip that has lasted 11 months. We’re at our final destination for this leg of the road trip and will pick up again in late Summer early Autumn next year.

We left our home town of Toronto, NSW 14th June last year and move into our new home next week. Here’s a glimpse of how things have looked over those months.

  • We covered more than 30, 000 kms
  • Most expensive diesel $2.00/litre
  • 160 stop overs – includes stays with friends
  • 334 days on the road (includes today)
  • $95 average daily expenditure: includes all insurances, maintenance for truck and Coddiwomple; medical insurance, GP visits, mobile data, fuel, groceries, alcohol, camp fees, entertainment, meals out; new spectacles for both of us; dental visits for us both; bicycle replacement; camp chair replacement; clothing, outdoor/camping shoes …
  • R & M – $1, 230

We used WIKI Camps and the Camps 8 book to research campgrounds and free camps; the first stop in towns was the Information Centre for local maps.

WIKI Camps Trip Planner Map
  • 262 digital journal entries during that time
  • 55 blog posts
  • Listened to 10 Audiobooks when travelling
  • I have read 13 books and Basil (M.O.T.H.) will have read twice that.
Learned to crochet
Kept a travel journal

It is a good time to stop. Eleven months is a long time on the road living in close quarters. Now we are looking forward to a little more space and time to enjoy hobbies we could not take on the road. I am looking forward to reconnecting with people and settling into village life.

A big thank you to those who have visited, liked and left comments. It all helps to keep motivation for the process. I have enjoyed getting to a few of your sites but wait for next month, just one day away, when I can visit your blogs and spend time reading the contributions you’ve made.


Day Twenty-six of the 2019 A-Z Challenge in which I am participating during the month of April. The challenge has been to post six days a week, Sunday respite or catching up with other participants and their posts. Each of the twenty-six days represents a letter of the alphabet and while each post stands alone they form part of a loose theme reflecting our retirement trip around Australia. Today our posts are relevant to the letter Z.

12 thoughts on “Zooks, it’s Zee End

  1. Congratulations, Linda! You know, all this time I don’t think I realized that you were actually on the road while doing this daily challenge! Double Congratulations ! And on the road for nearly a year–what an adventure! I expect you will be more than ready to settle into your new house and sleep in your own bed for a few nights in a row. On the other hand, perhaps you will never be able to live a settled life again–the open road will always be beckoning…
    Thank you for having shared a bit of your amazing journey with us, and all the best in your new home!


    • Sorry it has taken time to respond to your comment Josna. As the challenge neared its end we took possession of our new home and I’m sure you’ll understand the lateness getting back here. Thank you, again, for your kind words. Did I mention how encouraging it is to find lovely comments and regular visits from other bloggers. Thank you. I’m taking time to respond to comments on my blog and to visit bloggers I’ve missed. There are a number of your posts I’ve missed so will be cycling back there in the times ahead. Linda x

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    • Thanx Marty, it’s been an adventure no doubt but this next step is the unknown for us and quite daunting. Well get there and not before too long we’ll be out on the road again only this time well have a home base. Linda 🐳

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  2. What a wonderful 11 months you’ve had Linda! So many places you’ve been, so many great experiences, and a better look at Australia than most people will ever get. It has been great to follow you on the journey, and to remember some of the places that I’ve visited in the past.
    Now that your trip is just about over, you can relax for a while until you have to set up your new home. That will be an adventure in itself, and I can imagine you creating a lovely home and making a great garden to enhance it. I look forward to hearing more about it. 🙂


    • Thank you TS pleased you liked the journal and yes it has been an adventure. Next? We’ve purchased a new house in a different part of the country from where we lived. Setting that up will be a new challenge for us but we realise we will need a break from that too, so camping continues as part of the plan. Thank you for reading and stopping to comment – Linda


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