Umpherston Sinkhole

1st February 2019

The sinkhole gardens are a remnant of some magnificent sunken gardens of the late 19th century situated in the Mt Gambier region of South Australia.

The sinkhole was once a typical limestone cave, formed by the corrosion of limestone rocks by seawater waves. When the roof of the cave collapsed it naturally created a sinkhole.

The first glimpse of the sunken garden is from the descending staircase with platforms on each terrace. At the base of the sinkhole is a fountain and the area has been planted with hardy hydrangeas, palm trees and tree-ferns.

Bee hives built on the sides of the sinkhole and the bees are diligent in working the gardens


Day Twenty-one of the 2019 A-Z Challenge which I am participating in during the month of April. The challenge is to post six days a week, Sunday respite or catching up with other participants and their posts. Each of the twenty-six days represents a letter of the alphabet and while each post stands alone they form part of a loose theme reflecting our retirement trip around Australia.

One thought on “Umpherston Sinkhole

  1. Gorgeous! How are those sinkholes created, I wonder? You’re done with the letter U already! I’m behind with my entries as it is and with you Australians being a day ahead, I will never catch up!


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