Hervey Bay

8th July 2018

Hervey Bay is a coastal city in southern Queensland. It is the tour hub of the region serving as a departure point for whale watching trips (humpbacks visit annually), snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing launch charters and a port from which to access Fraser Island.

Our time in the city was limited to a day trip but we packed a load of exploring into a short time. Of course we skimmed the surface of what the area has to offer but it whet our appetite for a future trip when we hope to linger longer.

Sculpture at the entrance to the Urangan Pier
The Esplanade

The Esplanade links the marine, a series of jetties and swimming beaches as it winds around the coast close to cafes, hotels and restaurants.

Beach Textures
Pumice, coral, rock and sand


Day Nine of the 2019 A-Z Challenge which I am participating in during the month of April. The challenge is to post six days a week, Sunday respite or catching up with other participants and their posts. Each of the twenty-six days represents a letter of the alphabet and while each post stands alone they form part of a loose theme reflecting our retirement trip around Australia.

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