Friends and Home

December 2018

We returned to New Zealand for Christmas to spend time with family and friends. This is where our oldest friends live and each visit reminds us how lucky we are.

We are blessed to have good friends to return to and add party of this reflection I wanted to show you some of our favourite places in our once-upon-a-time hometown of New Plymouth.

Mt Taranaki

As a child, making new friends is easy. Kids have school, sports, and many after-school activities to form new relationships. Yet, as an adult, it isn’t quite so effortless. In fact in some communities it can be downright disheartening. As we poured our time into work and a young family time to grow new friendships was at a premium. How do you say “Do you want to hang out?” as an adult?

Somehow we did make friendships in those years while raising a young family. We met our children’s friends’ parents at kindergarten and the school gate. And these are the friendships that remain to sustain us in our golden years. Thirty and forty years on and they’re still our dearest connections.

Contemplation Place
Inside The Fernery, Pukekura Park,
Exotic Botanicals

Things happen when you catch up. Whether it is for a day, an hour, a phone call or an overnight stay. We fell into an easy rhythm of camaraderie with friends. Time stands still and it’s magical – energising and good for the soul.

In the warm afterglow of a shared meal we notice the changes in each other. Few of us are as spry as we once were. All bear the the bumps and bruises of life; few escape the knocks and heartaches that can leave us feeling unsteady.

Flowering Flax along the Waiwakaiho River, New Plymouth
Picnic area along the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway

We can feel vulnerable and outside the pack during our golden years. Thank goodness for good friends, old friends. Old in that they’ve been with us through life’s ups and downs; they’ve remained faithful, always there for us.

Fifteen, thirty and forty years and we continue to share moments of deep meaning.  Shared silliness when we laugh till our sides ache.  How good is that! It’s the best medicine.We relished our three weeks  cocooned in the warm glow of friendship

Ohawe Beach, South Taranaki
Taranaki Dairy Country

For now we’re back on the road, living in the Coddiwomple as we continue our lap around Australia. We’ll keep going heading west until such time as our home has been completed: we’re hoping before Winter.

Catching Up

The post before this one was written in New Zealand mid-December which is about the time my blogging mojo left home. I’m trying to get re-motivated but it has been difficult this year.

I’d have remained in a blogging funk if the WordPress anniversary reminder hadn’t dropped into my notifications. After nine years it seems a shame to run out of steam before the ten year mark. And so we go again.

The posts relating to our Big Fat Aussie Road Trip are well behind but I’ll work hard to get the posts up before too long. So thank you for hanging in there with me.

Finally, may 2019 be everything you wish yourselves as I hope and pray for good health for your families – and of course your continued blogging enthusiasm and visits.

… and friends who make pancakes for breakfast … thanx S xx

Gratitude Moments

  • Friends in New Zealand and Australia
  • Good health
  • The Coddiwomple and Colorado that continue to rise to challenges put to them as we venture on dirt and sealed roads
  • Renewed enthusiasm to continue writing

10 thoughts on “Friends and Home

  1. Beautiful photos as always. It was so awesome to have you visit. I love our friendships that weather the test of time! Keep in touch, miss y’all already.😘❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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