Maramarang National Park, North Head

Driving down the east coast of Australia has been an experience. However, the further south we venture the more unsettled the weather has been. We hit our first hail stones two days ago and the rain hasn’t stopped. So for the time being we are without the rainbows and sunshine we had so long taken for granted.

Depot Beach (Rc)

Depot Beach, Maramarang National Park, NSW

And so we remember the last two-nighter we camped in a national park was at North Head part of the Maramarang National Park on the south coast of New South Wales. A beautiful spot: quiet, pukka bush-camping if you don’t count the eco-toilets provided by the park and it was sunny.

A Lace Monitor doing the rounds of the campground

The short drive into the campground took more than half an hour as we negotiated an unsealed national park road in need of a lot of attention. Thank goodness for 4WD. Arriving at the site we quickly forgot about the drive in and set about finding a spot on which to park. And then it was down to the beach.


Sunset from the top of the campground at North Head


Our day at North Head Beach where we had the beach to ourselves

North Head Marramarang NP(R)

As remote as this bush camp is all marked campsites were taken by nightfall. We were grateful to the single camper who left a pile of wood for our fire. Nothing says bush camping more than staring into the flames of a blazing fire with a full tummy and a glass of wine: unless it’s having to shift with the wind changes or get smoke in your eyes.

We rolled into bed each night killed to sleep with the sound of the waves.

Gratitude Moments

  • So much sunshine
  • National Parks and the rangers who care take them
  • Our 4WD vehicle

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