Catch Us Camping at Forster-Tuncurry, NSW

For three nights we camped at the Sporties Club at Tuncurry a perfect spot from which to explore the twin towns of Forster Tuncurry, mid-east coast of New South Wales. So we’re back in what had been our home state since 2003 to visit friends on our way south. The accompanying photos were taken as we cycled, walked and drove around the area during our time in this beautiful part of the state.


Our coddiwomples have taken us as far north as Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria, North Queensland and how far south is, as yet, an unknown destination. It’s been 134 days since we left the four walls of ‘home’ as we knew it and set off in The Coddiwomple (Coddy) seeking adventure in Retirementland, and an adventure it has been.


From losing parts of the Coddy along the way to having the air conditioner clap out (both casualties of outback corrugated roads) it has been a journey to test patience and tolerance levels as we’ve lurched from one mishap to the next crisis.

Mercedes Stationwagon

This old beauty parked next to us at the Sporties Club

But we’re a stoic duo and we press on – smiling even, and as time lapses we can now laugh at our misadventures in Retirementland. Maybe not all of them because some have been expensive to repair or replace. It wouldn’t be any different if we were still in our home, there are always repairs to be carried out and maintenance is a never-ending process. So too with a home on wheels.

Boomerang Beach (R)-01.jpeg

And here we are back on the coast looking forward to the coming week as we spend time with friends. For the remainder of the post I’ll let the photos tell the story of what we found as we explored the area by foot, on our bikes or driving down the coast a bit to Boomerang Beach.


The inside rock formation of a fallen boulder on the beach


Tessellated rock formation along the coast


Another fascinating rock formation

Gratitude Moments:

  • Affordable camping options on the coast
  • Beach walks
  • White sandy beaches

One thought on “Catch Us Camping at Forster-Tuncurry, NSW

  1. Lovely pics, Linda. We were up in that area some months ago visiting my elder brother. I love the pics of the rock formations – always fascinated with geology, which may have been an influence on my youngest becoming a geologist.
    Don’t forget to coddiwomple Wangi way before you head off to southern climes. 🙂 We will be in and out through the week, so a bit of notice would be great. Looking forward to a catch-up.


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