Catch Us Camping near the Crystal Castle

Every now and again nature and human endeavour meet to create something so beautiful, the notion of living in this environment inspires wonderment. The Shambhala Gardens is the vision of one couple who joined community to imagine a private botanical garden of such peace and tranquillity the cynic would be hard pressed to remain unmoved.

The property nestled at the foothills of Mt Chincogan, near Mullumbimby, regional NSW (Australia), started as bare land, once cleared for grazing and banana growing. Now it is a thriving enterprise of botanical gardens and a natural crystal wonderland. You don’t have to be a crystal-loving-tree-hugging eco-hippie to appreciate the experience. You are free to wander the property and staff are on hand to offer assistance, love and light to help make your the best it can be.

Overlooking the Hinterland from Crystal Castle

The two Crystal Guardians, pictured above, were brought to Australia from Brazil, South America and are the world’s tallest geodes; they reach five and a half metres and described as ‘smoky quartz geodes with delicate sprinklings of amethyst and calcite crystal flowers, as well as clear quartz and agate”. Magnificent.

Discovered in remote Uruguay the geodes were transported to Australia to their present place in the Shambhala Gardens. Overlooking the green hinterland, they stand as guardians of hope for the region. Many believe if you stand between the Guardians you gain strength and energy.

Rose Quartz Garden Setting

Secluded nooks, and seating thoughtfully placed in so many places to help us unwind and mindfully regain perspective on what is important in life. The gardens provided the perfect surroundings in which to reflect on all that has taken place in our lives recently. I felt blessed to be able to take much needed me time to refocus in these amazingly tranquil surroundings.

Colleagues in mental health have cited the benefits of walking a labyrinth, an archetypal symbol found in spiritual traditions throughout history. Unlike the maze that asks the walker to solve the puzzle, walking the labyrinth is symbolic of entering the unknown – totally how I felt when I entered the circular pathway. It was therapeutic and I have to say I did feel calmer afterwards.

The Crystal Castle Labyrinth is based on the Chartres design; the first built around 1200AD in Chartres Cathedral near Paris

“By walking the path towards the centre, it is believed that neurological pathways get activated between the left and right hemispheres in the brain that we literally begin to unravel our current viewpoint on reality.”


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