Catch Us Camping at Sawtell

13 – 15th June 2018

We were drawn to the chic resort-like coastal town of Sawtell by friends who were camping there for a week. As this was new territory to us and the lure of ocean swimming to strong to resist we checked into the caravan park for one night, and then another. There’s something lovely about meeting friends on the road and spending time in new surroundings.

IMAG0390 (R)

This was our first glimpse of the beach and as we lunched at nearby picnic tables we stretched our eyes up and down the pristine coastline and as far out to sea to the horizon. Yes, we were assured the whales were travelling north and some had been spotted not far offshore. Yes, dolphins rumble and tumble in the waves and yes, we did see them frolicking along the coast. It may have been a whale 🐳 spouting or it may have been the surf being sprayed as it crashed into the reef; either way we weren’t able to confirm a whale-sighting. Something for tomorrow, maybe.

IMAG0409 (R)

The pink and green rock formation in the photo is typical around the beaches in this area. These rocks along the Sawtell beaches could be part of the formation that makes up the Red Rock headland, a twenty metre high headland ‘composed of 300 million year old jasper, a form of red quartz’.

Another beautiful feature of the area, and most eastern coastal regions, are the the palm-like Pandanus trees that are native to Melesia, eastern Australia and the Pacific Islands. They grow in the coastal lowlands, typically near the ocean. There is something magical about their form and the way their aerial roots are anchors in the sandy soil in which they thrive.

Gratitude Moment

Spending time with friends in beautiful and relaxing surroundings, and being able to swim in the ocean in Winter.


3 thoughts on “Catch Us Camping at Sawtell

  1. How wonderful that it was still warm enough to swim in the ocean, Linda! We have been past Sawtell, but have never been to the beach area. We must do so sometime. I love the pandanus palms too. There are lots up around the beach at Ballina, and on many other parts of the coast farther north.
    The weather turned wet and cold about ten days ago, so winter is definitely here. I hope you are keeping a bit ahead of it as you head north.
    Happy camping my friend! 🙂

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    • No, Linda we’ve not managed to get ahead of the wet. The farming communities up this way desperately need the rain but we are over it. At the moment we are camped at the Maleny Showgrounds and it is a sodden muddy mess and still raining. We are however, warm, dry and content in our caravan and looking forward to a day around Maleny tomorrow and then a day trip a little further afield the day after.

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      • Malaney is a lovely little town. We have been there several times when we visit my son & family at Buderim.
        Sorry you haven’t had the best of weather but, yes, they do need the rain up there. It is fabulous country. Stay warm. 🙂


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