Catch Us Camping at Wangi Point

27th May – 12th June 2018
We left our home of fifteen years the day before the new owners were set to move in and set ourselves up at a caravan park on the shores of beautiful Lake Macquarie, not far from the village of Wangi Wangi.  This small village that hosted us well is well serviced by a well patronised library, post office, chemist, grocery store, butcher, bottle shop, pubs, restaurants and cafes that all flourish in this lovely nook.


Wangi Point

Situated as it is on the shores of Lake Macquarie, Wangi, as it is known to locals, is a well known holiday spot with beautiful views, bushwalks and excellent fishing spots.  Fortunately we had visited the area in better weather and while we would have preferred not to have sat indoors for fourteen of the sixteen days we were camped at the point , we did manage to snatch short spells to explore some bush walks

Venturing out between showers, we got a fair idea of the 16kms of land that make up the Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area and were pleased of information boards that provided historical facts as well as knowledge of plant and wildlife.


The pied oystercatchers, pictured below, fished each day in the shallow waters close to shore.  The last time we saw this variety was on the rocky shoreline of Newcastle, further north, and that group were extremely noisy.  However, this pair – with their white breasts and belly, bright orange-red bill, eye-rings and legs and a red eye – were intent on their catch.


Pied Oyster Catchers

Known locally just as ‘Wangi’, Wangi Wangi is a quiet holiday and retirement town which is known to a generation of Australians as the home of the famous artist William Dobell.  It is located on a narrow peninsula which juts out from the western shore of the lake, includes the Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area, and is just a short distance from the entrance to the lake at Swansea and Swansea Heads. The primary appeal of the area is Dobell House and the Wangi Point Flora and Fauna Reserve. Beyond that, like all the towns around the lake, it is popular for fishing, swimming, boating, picnics and camping.


Gum tree blossom

Meanwhile back at the campsite Rainbow Lorikeets were regular visitors; you can’t buy the entertainment they provide. They are noisy and boisterous, confirming the bird book’s description of them as ‘belligerent in flocks’. This flock lives in the eucalypt stand close by and augmented an already cacophonous early morning wake up routine.

Basil with Lorikeets at Wangi Point (R).jpgMe Old Darling with the Birds

As well as taking time to regroup after the house sale, Me Old Darling (a.k.a. The MOTH) needed downtime to recuperate after surgery (of the repair and maintenance type).  The quiet park and easy walks were perfect for a speedy recovery.  Ten days after surgery he received his certificate to travel; he can drive, hitch the caravan … and cook.

All’s well.

Gratitude Journal

The quick recovery of the MOTH from surgery and beautiful surroundings in which to unwind, regroup and plan our next steps.


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    • Thanx Paula. Not sure when we’ll get up your way, may have to try for after you return from vacation. We’re mooching toward Toowoomba over the next week. Take care :). Linda


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