Going Home (Part 2): Cooling Off

Since Part 1 of the “Going Home” series we have been on the run.  As I continue to work, the MOTH (Man of The House) has been tasked with photographing, writing advertising blurbs and uploading pictures to local Facebook buy, sell and exchange pages and Gumtree (a local version of Ebay).   Despite his hard work, the rewards seem minimal; we are learning that once-loved possessions are worth next to nothing.

Far from being discouraged, I am moving forward with  gratitude for the many things that have added quality to my life at one time or another.  In a way that surprises me,  I’ve become quite detached from so many things that at one time I would have been reluctant to part with.  However, this is a good thing as I embrace Marie Kondo’s strategies.  Her little book The life-changing magic of tidying up”,   reminds me that:

A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective.

I am ready for a “dramatic change in lifestyle and perspective.”  Other things have been happening while we declutter.   Putting our house on the market was just one domino that set a chain reaction in motion.  One that won’t stop until we drive away for the final time.

Since then, tThe kitchen cupboards have been emptied, crockery, glasses and cutlery sorted and cupboards cleaned.  Like the pantry tidy-up, decluttering the cupboards has given me renewed interest in cooking, particularly now that I know where everything is.

Cupboard Tidy 2

The photographer came through the weekend we listed the house and the following week the photographs were on view on the internet.  It was hard work getting to that stage but worth the effort.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Miraculously, the first person to come through fell in love with our home.  We accepted their offer and today is day one of a five-day cooling off period.  While contracts have been exchanged the wait is nerve-wracking.  Friday this week at 5pm we can breathe easy, pop open the pink bubbles , enjoy a few glasses and then continue discarding and packing.

5 thoughts on “Going Home (Part 2): Cooling Off

  1. I can see why the first person to come through made an offer on your home. It is lovely: welcoming and interesting with a calm, peaceful feel. I think I play at decluttering while you jumped in and did it. i admire you and your story of going home fascinates me. I’m eager to read more

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    • Thank you. I vacillate between panic and excitement; frenetic activity and stage fright. I have to be careful not to wish these weeks away wanting to get to the other side of the chaos.


  2. Wow, Linda, you have been busy! It’s great that you had a buyer so quickly, and the de-cluttering means less to have to transport to NZ. Because we’ve been away & then busy after our return, I’ve missed out on your doings. We MUST get together before you run/sail/fly across the ditch!


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