Catch Us Camping at Swansea

20 February 2018

We aim for destinations within an hour’s radius of home on our four-day weekend camping trips.  We like to be near the coast in Summer and if we are not able to free camp then costs need to be reasonable; hence we tend to stay home during school holidays and other peak times.

Newcastle and Lake Macquarie offer a number of getaway destinations that fit our criteria. School holidays and summer season’s brilliant conditions for outdoor pursuits pushes campground prices into the unaffordable bracket for us. During those times we relish our swimming pool and enjoy our garden where there is always something that needs weeding, replanting or mowing.


I can’t stop taking photos of the bike Santa brought me for Christmas

We recently spent time at the small lake and seaside town of Swansea that offers good cycle and walkways and lake and ocean swimming. The weather was perfect for swimming, cycling and walking.

Photographing Lake Macquarie as it moves between surreal sunrise looking through the RSL ANZAC Memorial erected at Swansea wharf is as addictive as catching the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House every time I visit. Are there places you simply have to photograph each time you visit?

Swansea RSL with Filters.jpg

Swansea RSL Memorial at Sunrise

I stood and watched the sun rise through the memorial erected on Swansea Wharf. The night before we had dinner at the Swansea RSL (Returned Services’ League). During the meal everyone stood in hushed silence as we listened to a tribute to the men and women who had died in wars. A timely reminder of their sacrifice as we enjoy the freedoms for which they fought.

Originally known as Pelican Flat, Swansea developed in response to the lake’s exports needs.  From humble beginnings as a community of huts and tents, the lakeside town is a recreational favourite for locals as well as those travelling greater distances to enjoy the still kae waters, the calm sea bays and fishing.

Swansea Bridge.jpg

Swansea Bridge lets boats into and out of Lake Macquarie

The access for southbound traffic is over the channel is over the bridge, the first of which was built in 1881.  Five years on the original channel drawbridge was replaced by a structure that incorporated a road and helped complete the roadway between Newcastle in the north and Wyong in the south.

There have been a series of bridges and the bridge we travel over (the fourth) was built in 1989.  The council appreciates the importance of the drawbridge that gives free passage to large vessels in and out of the lake as well as road access to the town and southward travel.


One of the many jetties around the lake

The town population swells in summer months and provides a range of swimming options from calm lake waters to ocean swimming for the more adventurous. Since the M.O.T.H’s surfing accident some years ago we’ve joined the toddlers in calm waters, content to bob about with young mums, dads and babes.

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