Ode to My Sweet Tooth

As a serious sugar junkie I have a hard time accepting there are people who rate themselves a zero, two or three on the sugar scale of 0 to 10.  Me?  A definite 9.5. I believe inside every sugar naysayer is a sugar devotee wanting to bust out of unhealthy constraint.


Ode to My Sweet Tooth

The day I met you, my life changed

How I feel about you is hard to say

You make me smile in a special way

And through life’s trials I hope you’ll stay

by QP & Eye

… don’t be jealous



Oh, there was hot chocolate in the hug mug:  talking REAL chocolate, not the powdered stuff

Sure there are times when I go for savoury over sweet;  like when I’m depressed, sick, really, really sick.  Imagine what Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, weddings, birthday parties or life for that matter, would be like without sweet goodies to relieve the savoury boredom of all that sensible food.  Yeah, I know it would be horrible.


Hey, they’re not both mine, the M.O.T.H. (Man of The House) has a sweet tooth too but nowhere as perfected as mine.  C’mon My Lovely, keep up.

I’ll leave you with something to ponder.  If our sweet tooth craves sugar what do our wisdom teeth crave?

Participating in this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge:  Sweet


3 thoughts on “Ode to My Sweet Tooth

  1. LOL! I didn’t know you were THAT much of a sweet tooth Linda! Sweet, yes, but … I prefer savoury to sweet, but every now & then the sweet tooth says, ‘Hey, what about me?’ and I have to indulge it or it won’t shut up! See you tomorrow for a coffee & savoury! 🙂

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